General Conditions

Freemovers obtain academic credits for the courses passed. It is each student’s responsibility to finalise credit transfer arrangements with their home university, where applicable, prior to departure. Students are allowed to apply for as many courses as they like, however, at final registration students may only enrol for courses to the equivalent of 60 SA credits. 1USA credit = 2 ECTS credits = 4 SA credits. Final course registration takes place on the last day of the first week of class. During the first week of class, students are allowed to attend any of the approved courses. After the final registration, students may only attend as listed on their final course registration form. 

Freemovers are required to attend the compulsory student orientation session. No late comers will be allowed to register. 

Please take note of the University’s important dates when planning your semester and specifically with reference to buying your ticket to South Africa. Please schedule your holidays; visits by family and friends for the mid term break or after the end of the semester. Please note that students  with travel arrangements to clash with their lectures, tests and examinations, will neither receive a final mark for their courses nor an academic transcript to take back to their home university.

Freemovers must clear their student accounts prior to departure by settling all possible debt incurred on the service fee expenses. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the release of the academic transcript.

1. General Approval Guideline:

A Freemover applicant must have obtained an average grade of 60% South African grade/ 2,6 USA grade/ 3.0 German grade or an academic grade equivalent in another country, in order to expect approval for a semester of study abroad at Stellenbosch University. Apart from the general approval guideline, a student’s individual course application is sent to the academic department. The decision on the approval is within the discretion of the academic department. The course application process is explained below:  
Students with special learning needs are required to inform Stellenbosch University International (SUI) of such a special learning need, by date of application. 

2. English Level Requirements

Proof of English Proficiency should be provided in at least one of the following:

  • Confirmation by a home university that the student's level is sufficient to conduct studies in English


  • Proof that the study programme at the home university is offered in English


  • Proof of mother tongue English speaker if the student is from an English speaking country

A student to apply for a semester of study abroad is required to show proof of English proficiency for academic purposes, either by means of the home university who vouches for the student’s sufficient level of English, or by means of the student to provide an official English skills test like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge ESOL, CEF level, BULATS, PTE or other approved English level confirmation of the following scores:


CEF Level

Cambridge ESOL



(internet based)

TOEFL CBT (computer based)




Minimum score required by SU *



6.5 - 7.5

79 - 95

213 - 240

75 - 89

Level 4

76 - 84


For the option where the home university is to vouch for the student’s sufficient level of English, the applicant will note the need for the home university to tick off on proof of English ability on the supporting document “Declaration by Home University”, which is to be downloaded on the original Freemover online page here. Please note that Stellenbosch University may, after review of an individual’s application, request a formal proof of English of an applicant.

3. Course application procedure:

· A Freemover student may apply for any combination of courses from any Faculty or Department of Stellenbosch University.
· At the application round, students indicate the courses which they would like to get admitted to.
· When SUI processes the application, we inform students as we receive feedback from the departments as to the outcome of the course application, per individual course.
· Students are provided the opportunity to add to their initial course application list as they receive feedback from SUI on the course approval status.
· A second course application round is opened for a restricted period of time which is communicated to the applicants.
· Students are not registered for courses before they arrive.
· Students are granted the opportunity to attend all approved courses during the first week of the semester's class.
· Students use the first week of class to decide which courses they finally want to register for at the end of that first week.
· The final course registration is handed in to SUI on the end of the first week of class and no changes can be made to the final course registration thereafter. 

Note: Should a student need to receive a course outline in order to request a credit transfer confirmation from the home university, students are to contact the Freemover coordinator at Stellenbosch University International (SUI). The prospective international semester student is not allowed to make direct contact with the academic departments. All course application procedures are handled via SUI. The prospective Freemover student’s first point of contact is the Freemover coordinator. For any questions, please contact


4. Timetables

Freemover students are expected to work out their mainstream course timetables ahead of arrival. Students will receive the course admission status between two and three months after the application deadline.

Students may eventually register for any combination of approved courses, provided the courses do not clash in one academic week’s timetable.

This link provides a breakdown on how to look up your timetable.


5. Transfer of Credits

The purpose of a Freemover study abroad semester is to obtain credits for the purpose of transfering the academic credits to a university degree elsewhere in the world, outside of Stellenbosch University. The Freemover study abroad semester is a registration for non degree seeking purposes only at Stellenbosch University. No transfer of credits are possible from a Freemover study abroad semester into a full degree at Stellenbosch University.

The Freemover student who is to transfer the Stellenbosch University credits to the home university, is to obtain the permission and consent for transfer of credits from the home university directly. At the end of a study abroad semester, Stellenbosch University International (SUI) supplies the Freemover student with an academic transcript and transcript supplement to the student, which contains a credit translation to aid in the transfer of credits. The student handles their own permission for consent of transfer of credits according to their home institution’s regulations and guidelines, whether that entails administering such consent prior to the application, or during the semester of registration at Stellenbosch University. SUI does not get involved in the student’s consent request for credit transfer requirement with the home university.


6. Limitation to the amount of Freemover semesters possible to apply for

The maximum semesters of study abroad (allowed consecutively) for an applicant is 2 semesters.


7. Full year applicants

For students who apply for two semesters, the following procedure will apply:

Admission will be granted (in line with the general conditions for Freemover admission), for both semesters, so to allow the student to apply for a visa for one full year. By the 15 March/ 15 September of the first registered Freemover semester, the student would need to hand in the most updated academic trancript of the home university, including the semester’s marks (which has to that date not yet been received by Stellenbosch University). Permission to register for the follow up Freemover semester, will depend on the overall average mark of the home university transcript at a South African 60% general average/ 3.0 German grade/ 2.6 USA GPA grade, or an equivalent in another country’s grading.


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