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Please select the courses of your interest from the mainstream and/or IPSU course offering, available to be downloaded from the “Course Information (general)” section on the left hand pane of this web paqe. Official approval for credit transfer for Stellenbosch University courses to the applicant’s home university are to be completed prior to arrival at Stellenbosch University. The credit transfer approval remains the applicant’s responsibility and needs to be communicated between the student and the home university. A student may apply for more than the 64 South African credit limit, but may only register for a maximum of 64 South African credits for the semester of study abroad. Course registration will only take place during the first week of class. Only pre approved courses may be registered for.

Closing date for applications:

Local Semester One (January to June)

  • Application deadline: 15 September 2016 for January to June 2017 Semester 
  • Latest arrival date at Stellenbosch University:  18 January 2017
  • Earliest departure date: 25 June 2017

Local Semester Two (July to December)

  • Application deadline: 30 March 2018 for July to December 2018 Semester 
  • Latest arrival date at Stellenbosch University: 15 July 2018 (*NO LATE ARRIVALS WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR ADMISSION. No late arrivals will be allowed to register for the semester.)
  • Earliest departure date from Stellenbosch University: 9 December 2018

A complete Freemover application needs to include the below listed documents. Please ensure to submit all listed documents from the start. Incomplete and late applications cannot be considered.

The application form

1) An official academic transcript, in ENGLISH (*no transcript in another language will be accepted)

  • If you are currently enrolled for an undergraduate degree, please supply the most up to date transcript which is to contain course names and  grades as obtained accordingly
  • If you are currently enrolled for a postgraduate degree, please supply both the undergraduate and postgraduate transcript. Even if your  postgraduate transcript does not show any course results yet, it    still needs to be submitted as proof of your current enrolment.
  • Only official academic transcripts will be accepted. An official transcript is not the ‘online version’ of the academic transcript. The official  academic transcript is the one as issued by the home university, on official letterhead, with a university stamp and signature. The  applicant needs to scan the form and send it to Stellenbosch University International (SUI).

2) Passport copy

  • Please only scan the passport ID page. We do not want to receive any other page than the ID page, i.e. the one with the photo and  passport number. Please note that the ID document from your home  country is not a sufficient alternative. No ID document will be  accepted in the place of a passport copy.


*THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD BE PROVIDED AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR ADMISSION LETTER, which will be approximately two months after the application deadline.

*THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD NOT BE UPLOADED ONLINE NOW, YOU NEED TO BUY A SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL INSURANCE FROM A SOUTH AFRICAN PROVIDER. In order for you to be allowed to buy the student option on the medical insurance, you would need to show your proof of admission at Stellenbosch University. Admission outcome is provided to students, approximately two months after the application deadline only. You can apply for South African medical insurance immediately after you receive your admission letter. You will be guided through the process by means of group mails once you have submitted your Freemover application.

Proof of Medical Insurance should be provided to your Freemover coordinator within one week of the admission letter provided to you.

NOTE: Tertiary Education Institutes in South Africa are by law required to ensure that all registering students have medical insurance, provided by a South African medical aid provider registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998. Students can choose from any of the below companies’ student health insurance options. Note that most companies will require you to forward your admission letter as proof that you have student status for the full period of time you are to apply for your medical insurance.

Click here for Momentum Health.

Click here for CompCare Wellness.

Click here for Student Health Plan.

All Freemover students at Stellenbosch University are required to show proof of medical insurance which adheres to the following regulations:

  • Only medical insurance from a medical aid provider registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 will be accepted (refer to the above listed)
  • Proof that the medical insurance is in your name
  • Indication of the beginning and end date of validity (*ensure period of validity to cover the latest arrival date until the earliest possible departure date as specified above at the departure dates, i.e.  Semester one: 16 January 2017 – 24 June 2017; Semester two: 9 July 2017 – 9 December 2017)
  • Proof that the medical insurance is valid in South Africa or worldwide

Please ensure to familiarise yourself with the medical insurance regulations as is expected by the embassy at which you are planning to apply for a visa to South Africa. Once an admission letter is supplied by SUI, an admitted student needs to apply for South African medical insurance as soon as possible. Regardless of the regulations for medical insurance listed on the South African embassy’s website, proof of a South African provider company only will be accepted for registration purposes.

The above four listed points of requirements for proof of Medical Insurance, is sufficient for registration purposes at Stellenbosch University.

4) CV

5) Proof of English Proficiency

Proof of English Proficiency should be provided in at least one of the below forms

  • Confirmation by a home university that the student's level is sufficient to conduct studies in English


  • Proof that the study programme at the home university is offered in English


  • Proof of mother tongue English speaker if the student is from an English speaking country

TAKE NOTE: if one or more of the above listed is confirmed by an official from the student’s home university on the "Home University Declaration Form" (to be downloaded from the Freemover landing page), the student needs not hand in any extra evidence of their proof of English. If none of the above is confirmed on the “Home University Declaration Form”, the student needs to submit:

  • Proof of English proficiency by means of a formal English proficiency score, e.g. TOEFL

6) Your course choice

Please note that you can list more courses than you need credit for. Only after arrival, once you registered for the approved courses within your course selection list, should you note that you are allowed to only register for 60 SA credits. For the application list of courses, you are encouraged to list more courses than your intended registration list, so that you create a fall back of secondary course choices for yourself, should certain individual courses be rejected admission for registration purposes.


Freemover Information, Guideline and Policy Sheet 

Freemovers Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions 

Once you have all of the above stated compulsory documents ready for your application, please fill out the online Freemover application form here.

7) When all the above has been prepared, submit your application here:

Applications for the semesters are open as follows:

Please take note of the following:

  • No hard copy applications sent by post will be accepted
  • For any inquiries on the online application, please address your questions to
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • Late applications will not be accepted

Once you have all of the above stated compulsory documents ready for your application, please fill out the online Freemover application form here.


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