Stellenbosch University’s courses are lectured in Afrikaans and English at undergraduate level and in English only at postgraduate level. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they have adequate academic language skills to follow any particular academic course. 
Stellenbosch University offers plenty of courses lectured in English only in the mainstream at undergraduate level. The language of instruction is indicated per course in the yearbooks' of the respective faculties or schools. 
Afrikaans courses are not open to international students, unless the student is from Belgium or the Netherlands and has shown confirmation that he/ she is fully aware of the fact that the academic language may not be understood in class at all times.
International students are free to apply for the T option courses (read more on this option below), provided they are fully aware of the fact that half the lecture will be conducted in Afrikaans. It is importannt to note that lecturers swop between the two languages in any given lecture on offer in the T option. 
The following options are available:
  • A&E specification: Separate ‘streams’ in Afrikaans and English. International students choose the English course timetable only, as is clearly indicated on the timetable options.
  • A specification: Lectures mainly in Afrikaans.
  • E specification: Lectures primarily in English.
  • T specification (bilingual classes): Half the lecture is presented in Afrikaans, the other in English.
All GEC courses are taught in English.

For more information see the following link:

Language Policy



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