How to work out your semester timetable

Semester study abroad students are requested to work out their timetables well ahead of their semester start.

Mainstream undergraduate course timetables can be looked up online via this link.


  1. Mainstream course timetables should be looked up one by one
  2. Note that the course detailed name will not be listed, but rather the department name, or the subsection of the department. Follow the online yearbook’s heading of your listed course, as indicated in bold, to look up on the timetable list
  3. Enter only the first week of the semester in the date section when you look up a course
  4. Click on “view timeatable” for every new course you look up
  5. If your course timetable search produces a blank for the first week of class’ date entered, the possibility exists that the course only starts in the second term of the specific semester. In this case, you need to enter the first week of the second term for the specific semester. For semester dates, look here.
  6. Take note that the undergraduate timetable is structured as follows:

Class periods by the confirmed Stellenbosch University timetable, can be slotted into any timeslot from 8h00 – 16h50, in 50 minute long periods. (The 7h00 – 7h50 slot is a possibility, but rarely used.)

Every period starts on the hour, and lasts until ten minutes before the next hour, so to allow time for class switch on campus. All class venues on campus can be reached roughly calculated as a 10 minutes’ walk apart from one another.

  1. The venues as indicated for courses on the timetable are indiciated in abbreviations can be viewed on the campus map, to be downloaded here.


Students who have chosen IPSU courses can work out their IPSU timetable according to the listed course timetables in the IPSU booklet, to be downloaded via this link at the “Course Summary Downloadables” subsection.


Please note that postgraduate course timetables should be looked up online at the website of the relevant academic department. Postgraduate courses are not listed on the above listed university timetable, but either found in the prospectus of the postgraduate degree which the course forms part of, or on the department website. If timetable information is not clearly indicated by the department weblink or the degree’s prospectus document (keep in mind that as a Freemover you select courses from within full degrees, but do not enrol for the full degree), the student is welcome to contact the Department Secretary to request the timetable information directly. Just ensure to CC the Freemover coordinator in your correspondence.


Some postgraduate courses are on offer in “block course” format. This usually means that the block courses will not be compatible with other mainstream or IPSU courses to register for. Should a student choose block courses, it is recommended that the student keeps to block courses only in his/her course selection, and no other mainstream and/or IPSU courses for registration purpose. Block courses are set up in weekly (or longer) full day lecture periods, and will necessarily clash with other mainstream courses’ hourly periods, since mainstream courses’ lecture hours are scattered throughout the week.  


Keep in mind that by the application deadline, a student can list block courses and non block courses, since the application list is not equivalent to the course registration list. Remember that students are encouraged to list more courses on their application than they need credit for, so to enlarge their choice of courses for registration (which takes place after arrival on campus). By choosing both block courses and non block courses, a student can keep the option open to register for either the set of block courses (if approved) or the set of mainstream standard timetable courses (if approved). For any questions on the course approval process, please refer to the Freemover processing timeline here.

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