Fees (Affiliate students)

  • Affiliate Students pay an Affiliate Administrative Fee (AAF) of ZAR R4,315 per academic year, which comprises of the International Registration Fee (IRF) of ZAR 4,225 and a once-off compulsory ± ZAR 90,00 for the student card.
  • Should an academic host be willing to contribute towards the affiliate administration fee, the hosting department may offer to pay a bursary into the student account to cover (or help cover) the AAF.
  • The full AAF needs to reflect on the student account or proof of payment must be provided, prior to registration, unless sufficient proof is provided that the AAF will be covered by the hosting department.


Tuition and related fees for non-degree Affiliate students for 2019

Student Category

Service Fee


Tuition Fee


Affiliate student per registration (AAF)


R4,225 +

R90 for student card

R750 per week

if requested by host


Pay2Go (Service fee) + R4,225 (IRF) + R90 (Student card) + R750 per week (Tygerberg: R4,100 + R4,225 + student

card and Pay2GO + R750 per week)


IRF: International Registration Fee

AAF: Affiliate Administration fee

Terms of Payment

  • All fees payable in full prior to registration
  • Housing payable as per housing agreement

Internet R20 minimum (the amount to be spent is decided by the student.).Consumables may be used on a pay-as-you-go system (pre-paid). A student needs to be registered before being able to make use of any of the University’s services such as:

  •     Personal Laptop Registration for university network access R390 (2018) - this fee is payable by every calendar year, and service access expires by the end of December of the calendar year in which       you pay for access to personal electronic device access. 
  •     Photocopying R20 minumum (the amount to be spent is decided by the student)
  •     Printing R20 minimum (the amount to be spent is decided by the student.)
  •     Laundry (only for students who stay in university accommodation; excluded Academia-only cash option)
  •     All Society memberships/Gym memberships/Sport club memberships etc.
  •     Student card [if re-issue is necessary]

Internet Tarrifs are charged as follows:

        Monday to Friday 00:00 to 07:59      R0.01/MB (Tariff B)

        Monday to Friday 08:00 to 23:59      R0.02/MB (Tariff A)

        Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59       R0.01/MB (Tariff B)

Please contact Mia for assistance.

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