Fees (Partner Universities)

Exchange students receive a tuition waiver based on the exchange agreement between Stellenbosch University and their home institution. This will differ on the level and type of agreement that your home institution has with Stellenbosch University. If your institution has a faculty/departmental level agreement you have to take at least two-thirds of your coursework in this faculty/department to qualify for a tuition waiver for all courses.

Exchange students are expected to pay a non-refundable Exchange Administrative Fee (EAF) of ZAR 8,325 prior to registration at Stellenbosch University.

The EAF comprises of the International Registration Fee (IRF) and a Service Fee.

Service fees may be utilised for services such as internet, photocopying, printing, washing quota, gym membership, IT services, society memberships, etc. Only two services are compulsory to be deducted from the student’s service fee, which is the student card (± R 90), and the Network Availability Fee (± ZAR 600). If you spend more than the service fee allocated amount, you need to pay the outstanding amount prior to your departure. Failure to settle the outstanding amount, will result in your transcript being withheld.

Please contact Yolanda Johnson for all financial enquiries.

You will receive an invoice together with your letter of admission indicating the amount payable, what the amount may be utilized for and the banking details of Stellenbosch University. You will not be able to register unless you have paid your fees.

Tuition and related fees for non-degree semester mobility for 2019

Student Category

Service Fee


Tuition Fee



Exchange student per semester (EAF)


(Non-refundable) (USB: R8,200)





R8,325 (Non-refundable)

(USB: R12,425)

IRF: International Registration Fee

EAF: Exchange Administration Fee

SAF: Study Abroad Fee

Terms of Payment

  • All fees payable in full prior to registration
  • Housing payable as per housing agreement
  • SA students who registers as a Study Abroad Students (Freemovers) do not pay IRF

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