The Juridical Society (JV) is a body that serves to represent the Law students of Stellenbosch University as a whole. It functions to provide assistance to the students in accordance with their academic well-being and social needs. Central to our society’s purpose is establishing and sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the faculty, students and law firms.

The JV consists of a team of democratically-talented law students who are dynamic, driven and committed. We are determined to promote the academic welfare of students as well as create a socially inviting environment. We conduct our work with merit, determination and passion.

The JV represents students on both the Faculty Board Meetings as well as on the Academic Affairs Council where input is given on term dates, curriculum changes and academic complaints.

In the midst of a strenuous academic year, the JV provides social events to create an inclusive environment for all students and to enhance the experience students have at the university. They are thus committed to communicating events and important information to all law students in due time and effectively.

Furthermore, the JV creates and facilitates relationships between firms and students and opens opportunities for students to get the widest possible exposure to possible future employers.

Students are able to stand for one of the eight portfolios on the JV during its annual elections held in August, which are open to every student registered for a law degree.