The class of 2014 bid farewell to the beloved Faculty of Law at the Final Years’ Dance, hosted by the JV, on 19 November. Some 150 students lined 3 buses, and made the 30 minute journey to Kronenburg Wine Estate, just outside Paarl. They were joined by lecturers, faculty staff and special guests, who enjoyed an evening of delicious food and spectacular wine, which culminated in hours of dancing which lasted well into the next morning.

A number of academic prizes were awarded to the top achievers, while “Foscar” awards were awarded to stand-out lecturers and students who impressed their colleagues with their fashion sense, humour, note-making ability and various other “fun” traits.

By the end of the evening, students stumbled onto the bus back to campus, clutching the Ou Hoofgebou key-rings they had received as gifts.

The JV would like to extend its gratitude to Lucas van Niekerk, who managed the organisation of the event, as well as ENSafrica and GradWealth, for their generous sponsorship, and ultimately ensuring that the class of 2014 was bid farewell in style.