Prof Sonia Human, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Stellenbosch University, recently lead an exciting team of the faculty’s top-brass in welcoming the 2014 nuwelinge to the Faculty of Law. The event, as part of the university’s official welcoming programme, was held on Friday 24 January. Speaking with her usual and unique combination of charm and inspiration, she eased the jittery first years into their academic career with her quirky tips, antidotes and jokes. Addressing the newest group of students she would take under her wing, she encouraged the students to remember the faces around them - the faces of the people they would one day graduate with.

The warmth and hospitality displayed by the Dean set the perfect tone for the rest of the welcome, as Karin Wiss (Law Faculty Manager) discussed the formalities of the respective courses the students were enrolled for, while Bradley Greenhalgh (Co-ordinator: Student Support) called upon the students to build a relationship with the faculty. In doing so, both Wiss and Greenhalgh displayed their passion for ensuring the happiness and well-being of all students.

Esti Brand from ENSafrica, a Maties alumnus herself, then addressed students with what they can expect during and after their experience at Stellenbosch. While she encouraged students to work hard at their studies, she echoed the message of the Dean of the importance of having a well-balanced, all-round experience at Stellenbosch.

The JV then took to the floor, engaging the students with a fun game of “True or False”. Lead by the Chairperson, Adriaan Louw, the first years were in stitches during the introduction to their representative body. Each committee member briefly introduced themselves to the group, and explained their role on the JV. This was a stark reminder that the JV is, and will remain, an accessible body, through which the students will feel comfortable enough to raise their concerns. The JV also invited the students to a social on Wednesday 29 January in the Ou Hoofgebou quad.

The social, sponsored by Norton Rose Fulbright, was a fun affair, which gave the students to mingle with each other and the JV members. Here, the nuwelinge received free gifts, including shoulder bags, 4GB USB drives, calendars and pens. What a way to start off their academic career!