Thala Msutu


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Chairing is a key role for any committee. Tasked with the role of managing, guiding and supporting committee members, the chairperson is required to have excellent leadership and communication skills. While Thala possesses these abilities in abundance, he has the personality of someone who is more than just a student leader. A mentor, activist, and agent of change by nature, he fits the role of figurehead and spokesperson of the JV perfectly.

Thala received a full motion of confidence from the outgoing JV committee members to become the ex-officio member of the incoming JV, and was subsequently elected chairperson by the incoming JV. Thala believes that the experience he gained from being on the JV for the 2013/2014 term stands him in good stead to lead the JV for the 2014/2015 term. He hopes to lead a JV team that is willing to serve its law students, listen to every voice in the faculty, take chances, and be unafraid of making mistakes. This, he hopes, will advance the notion that the only failure is the failure to try. He further hopes to work together with all role-players to provide the best, most innovative service for all law students. His plan is to provide students with more exposure to other streams of the law outside of becoming a typical commercial attorney, and to launch programmes that will help make law students better rounded people for when they enter the professional world. While these plans speak to the ambition that Thala has, it is clear that this unique ability to dream big is balanced by his innate ability to remain realistic, ensuring the most beneficial gain possible for all students.

Thalalolwazi “Thala” Msutu was born in Phakamisa Township near King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. While Phakamisa has been his home for most of his life, Thala considers Pietermaritzburg, the town in which he attended high school, his second home. He does, however, admit that the close-knit nature of the Stellenbosch University community has allowed him to make friends, who have eventually grown into being his “Stellenbosch family”.

Thala plans to kick butt as a commercial attorney after obtaining his LLB and possibly open up a sports management firm far in the future which will nurture and mentor young talents. If not in the JV office or in the bib, you will probably find him in front of a TV, computer or any similar device displaying any sort of live sport at any given time.

Thala’s infectious smile is the type of smile that can brighten up anyone’s day. He is well-loved by his fellow students and has gained popularity amongst faculty staff as well. Thala has built a reputation of being a well-rounded, hard-working, friendly and humble individual who has a bright future ahead of him. A person with mainly positive attributes, his only possible flaw is that his football team of choice is Arsenal.