Sage Kruger


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He may be named after one of the most frequently-used and fragrant herbs, but the kitchen is one place you will never find Sage. Unless he is there to eat, of course. Instead, you will find Sage wandering the equipment-laden halls of the nearest Virgin Active. His fitness habits are supplemented by his love for boxing and gymnastics, in the hopes of eventually climbing Kilimanjaro, buying an island and becoming a professional snowboarder and spelunker in the not-too-distant future.

Just as sage the herb is the perfect accompaniment to beurre noisette, Sage the person is the perfect accompaniment to the JV. He acts as the primary link between the JV and law firms, corporate entities and other potential sponsors, and he believes his willingness to always make a plan will be key to his success as the chief public relations officer. Therefore, he intends on taking his role as poster boy of the JV seriously, which should come naturally to him, given his rugged good looks, charming personality, sultry telephone voice and bucket -loads of airtime.

Sage ultimately hopes that the platform the JV offers allows him to leave a lasting impression on the faculty, and the University as a whole. He believes that the best leaders are not those who are merely leaders by title, but those who don’t have to say that they are leaders, but instead lead by example. In the end, he hopes the role he played on the JV earns the respect of his fellow students and inspires them to one day also stand for office – not just because of the benefits it brings from being on a CV – but because of the important and influential work that the JV does.