Lucas van Niekerk


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Lucas is the epitome of the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”. He may be small in stature, but he embodies a larger-than-life attitude so infectious that everyone who he comes into contact with cannot help but be drawn to him. And this unique quality is exactly what the role of the social portfolio requires.

Describing himself as the social boy of the JV, with a love for serving his fellow students, he looks forward to spearheading the major social events throughout the forthcoming year. Be it a formal dance or a rumbustious toga party, Lucas has all the skill and swagger required to pull off any event successfully. Lucas loves any and all types of social interaction – from late-night soirees to classy fondue parties – aptly giving him the creative ability to expand the social opportunities for law students beyond those seen over the past few years, such as the newly adopted “selfie competition”. However, as he mentions, the most important reason why he is suited for the social portfolio, is that he is not one to turn a blind eye to a new friendship. Instead, he aims to lead in a fun and quirky manner, allowing students to remain at ease in his company. This level of comfort, he says, will allow students to be at their best, and encourage them to open up to him about any concerns they may have. This will assist in his ultimate goal of wanting to build a sense of fun and community in the faculty.

Billed the grandpa of the group because of the less-than-youthful number of years behind him, Lucas already has two degrees under his belt. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in 2012 and an Honours degree in Mandarin in 2013. He hopes that these degrees, coupled with his pursuant LLB, his passion for speaking different languages (he is fluent in English, Afrikaans, French and Mandarin), as well as his experience of living in China, will allow him to assist in furthering good relations between South Africa and China. Fortunately for Lucas, this goal has already started taking shape, as he was placed in the Chinese department at ENSafrica when he commences with his articles in 2017.