Mudzuli Rakhivhane


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Football-crazy Mudzuli is as dedicated to Manchester United as she is to her studies. An admirer of the beautiful game, her love for the competitive and historic nature of football is prevalent each time you engage with her. A woman of unwavering faith, Mudzuli is heavily involved with her community, in which she combines her loves for singing and interaction with children, in serving on the Worship band at church and working in the children’s worship ministry.

Mudzuli enjoys being involved in leadership structures in general at the University of Stellenbosch, but had previously only done so in her residence. As a result hereof, she decided to take on something more demanding, challenging and unlike anything she had ever had done before. The most natural way to do this was to serve on the JV, as this was the best way to serve the faculty, its students and the community. This would also allow her to reap the full benefit of experiencing personal growth that only comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

Mudzuli chose the Student Enrichment portfolio after she identified the opportunities the portfolio has to offer. She strongly believes that her role this year could see the Faculty of Law and the surrounding community mutually benefitting each other. This, she says, can be achieved by encouraging students and the professional world to interact with each other in order to serve the surrounding community. This will also have the ripple effect of helping students experience growth outside of the academic sphere, which is exactly the ethos of her portfolio. Despite the mammoth task that stands before her, there is little doubt that Mudzuli would pull of this feat effortlessly, while maintaining her signature positive attitude.

While Mudzuli wishes to dip her toe into the commercial sphere for a few years after her graduation, her aspirations thereafter are inspiring. Her wandering heart will likely see her exploring different avenues, using her legal degree and expertise to make a sustainable impact wherever she can. Her desire to give back, and her community involvement is reflected in her leadership style, which she believes involves her constantly asking whether or not a decision will serve the student body that elected her. This, she says, will ensure that her tasks this term are performed with a certain standard of excellence.