Lerato Melato


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Lerato serves on the JV after performing a rare feat – being elected onto the committee in her first year of study at Stellenbosch University. The baby of the JV group may be somewhat inexperienced in the field of law, but her effervescent personality, combined with her life and leadership experience makes her an invaluable member of the team. Her experience as a first year law student last year gives her the ability to relate to, and be an appropriate voice for, the incoming first year law students on campus, who she says, is often overlooked. In doing so, she aims to make all law students’ university experience a holistic one, in which both social and academic needs are looked after.

Given that Lerato is a spender by nature, it is unsurprising that the JV fridge and snack cupboard are kept well-stocked by Lerato herself, lined with yummy treats for JV members and students who may have (conveniently) forgotten their lunch at home. However, she does admit that she knows how to be frugal as possible, appropriately following in the footsteps of former treasurer Thala. This is apparent in all JV meetings, with Lerato often being the voice of reason, slapping down any frivolous suggestions which may cause the JV finances to take a knock.

Lerato is an advocate for servant leadership, believing that the greater you aim to serve others, the greater your own leadership skills will become. This, however, will not hinder her aspirations once she has graduated. Her goal is to be a judge at the International Criminal Court in The Hague en route to becoming the first South African Secretary General of the United Nations. In the short term though, she has agreed to settle for working at a corporate law firm from 2018.

Having listed shopping and reading as two of her favourite hobbies, it came as no surprise that her favourite hobby is eating. A lover of all things that taste good, Lerato is always up for trying out the array of restaurants that Stellenbosch and its surrounds has to offer. Being billed as one half of the JV-foodie-duo, Lerato certainly brings bags of flavour to the JV team.