Stephan Haynes


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Always up for experiencing something new, Joburg-born Stephan is unafraid of living on the edge. A lover of impulsive trips, bundu bashing and all things outdoorsy, he brings a unique energy to the JV team. Despite his busy schedule, plagued with a string of different types of sports, Stephan’s dedication to his role as vice-chairperson is unquestionably strong.

The JV is a society Stephan feels proud to be part of. And serving on its executive committee gives him the perfect platform to do more than just the bare minimum which he is so used to doing. He admits that he enjoys getting involved with things he has a passion for, and his performance thus far indicates nothing less than a strong passion he has for representing his fellow students, and being part of something bigger than the faculty.

His duty as vice-chairperson is somewhat unlimited, with no fixed or specific projects assigned to his portfolio. However, his role as vice-chairperson ultimately deals with ensuring the smooth-running of the internal administration of the JV. This is an essential function which Stephan plans to embrace whole-heartedly, which will be well-aided by his experience as primarius of the Wilgenhof residence. Furthermore, the role requires that he offer support to the chairperson and other committee members, which requires an intricate ability to manage time and roles effectively – a quality Stephan certainly possesses. In ensuring the effectiveness of the JV this year, Stephan wishes to strive on the performance of the team he is part of. He wishes to foster a climate in which he ensures harmony among the dynamic leaders the JV possesses. Along with the chairperson, Stephan enjoys an ex-officio seat on the University’s Academic Affairs Council.

His main goal on the JV is to aid the process whereby the boundaries of law students’ university experience is shifted beyond those typically associated with law students. He plans on doing this in an innovative manner, combined with an unwavering desire to reach all goals set. His main goal after his studies is simple: the pursuit of happiness, or rather the continuation thereof, gained steadily throughout his short yet eventful life.