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Abrahamse-pillay, Dr HelgaOphthalmology
Ackermann, Prof ChristelleRadiodiagnosis
Adams, Dr SamanthaIndustrial Psychology
Adams, Dr AmyPsychiatry
Adams, Miss Zoe-maeStatistics and Actuarial Science
Adams, Dr FasloenOccupational Therapy
Adams-jack, Dr UbanesiaPolitical Science
Addison, Prof PiaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Adendorff, Dr ElbieAfrikaans and Dutch
Adetiba, Mr OlumideSociology and Social Anthropology
Adetokunboh, Dr OlatunjiDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Adjasi, Prof CharlesUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Adlem, Dr Anri
Afeltra, Mr Massimiliano
Africa, Dr EileenDivision Sport Science
Africa, Ms Amber
Ahmed, Dr NadiyaSurgery
Aiken, Dr Dorrian
Ajam, Prof TaniaSchool of Public Leadership Bellvillepark Campus
Akdogan, Prof GuvenProcess Engineering
Akotey, Dr JosephUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Akudugu, Prof John
Albertyn, Prof RuthUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Albertyn, Dr ChristineGeneral Internal Medicine
Albertyn, Mr CharlCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Albien, Dr AnoukPsychiatry
Alblas, Dr AmandaClinical Anatomy
Alfeus, Dr MesiasStatistics and Actuarial Science
Allen, Dr RobinPsychiatry
Allen, Dr ElizabethClinical Pharmacology
Allie, Miss Zainoenisa
Allwood, Prof BrianPulmonology
Ambunda, Mr Otumuna
Andersen, Prof SimenCivil Engineering
Anderson, Prof BruceBotany and Zoology
Anderson, Miss Jenna
Andrews, Mr GaryPhysics
Anker, Dr WillemAfrikaans and Dutch
Anley, Dr CameronOrthopaedic Surgery
Annas, Prof Rolf
Anthonie, Mrs RamonaNursing and Midwifery
Anthonissen, Prof Christine
Anthony, Dr DaphneForensic Medicine
Apffelstaedt, Prof JustusSurgery
Appel, Dr IlsePaediatrics and Child Health
Arangies, Mrs MagaretheUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Archer, Dr Elize
Arendse, Ms Josephine
Arendse, Ms Lucinda
Arendse-fourie, Mrs Sher-leeSchool of Accountancy
Armstrong, Ms Stephanie-lee
Arnott, Prof GarethChemistry and Polymer Science
Asmal, Prof LailaPsychiatry
Attipoe, Mr DavidAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Attwood, Dr RoryOtorhinolaryngology
Austin, Mrs EleanorFinance Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Aziakpono, Prof JesseUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Baard, Mr RoelofSchool of Accountancy
Baatjes, Prof KarinClinical Anatomy
Babafemi, Dr AdewumiCivil Engineering
Badenhorst, Mr Kobus
Badenhorst, Miss HendrienSchool of Accountancy
Bagadia, Dr AsifRadiodiagnosis
Bah, Dr BubacarrAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Bailey, Mrs LisaIndustrial Psychology
Bailey, Mr CurtisGeography and Environmental Studies
Baker, Dr BienyameenMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Baker, Dr LiamMathematics
Bakker, Mr Hans-peterStatistics and Actuarial Science
Baldwin, Mrs Stephanie
Bam, Dr LouzanneIndustrial Engineering
Bam, Dr WouterIndustrial Engineering
Bangeni, Dr NwabisaEnglish
Banieghbal, Prof Behrouz
Bantjes, Prof JasonInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Barbour, Prof LeonardChemistry and Polymer Science
Barclay, Dr ElizabethUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Bardien, Dr SorayaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Barends, Dr ZeldaCurriculum Studies
Barends, Mrs BrigittePublic and Development Management (Mil)
Barnard, Dr ArnoElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Barnard-bull, Mrs Aletta
Barnett, Mr RichardInformation Science
Baron, Miss JustineNursing and Midwifery
Barraball, Miss ChelseaComputer Science
Bartlett, Dr BruceMathematics
Bartlett, Dr Andre
Bashe, Mrs NoxoloMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Bassa, Dr FatimaGeneral Internal Medicine
Basson, Prof AntonMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Basson, Prof GerritCivil Engineering
Basson, Dr IsabelCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Basson, Dr DirkMathematics
Basson, Mrs RemertaSchool of Accountancy
Basson, Mrs Michelle
Bauer, Prof FlorianViticulture and Oenology
Becker, Mr LouisEconomics
Becker, Mr Frederik
Begg, Dr WaleedRadiation Oncology
Bekker, Dr JamesIndustrial Engineering
Bekker, Prof AnriëtteMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Bekker, Prof AdriePaediatrics and Child Health
Bell, Dr JanetNursing and Midwifery
Bello, Dr MuideenFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Benjamin, Dr RonaldaMathematics
Bennett, Mr Henry
Benting, Mrs LaurenMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Berger, Dr MartinMusic
Berghoff, Dr RobynGeneral Linguistics
Bergsteedt, Mr BryanClinical Anatomy
Bernard, Dr Taryn
Bester, Ms JuanitaOccupational Therapy
Bester, Mr WillemComputer Science
Bester, Ms Kenau
Bester, Miss AnjaSchool of Accountancy
Beukes, Mrs Monique
Beukes, Dr TobiasCentre for Military Studies
Beukes, Dr MervynBiochemistry
Beukes, Mrs RonelHuman Nutrition
Beyers, Ms SusanneDrama
Beyers, Dr RynoElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Bezuidenhout, Prof JuanitaGlobal Health
Bezuidenhout, Prof JacquesPhysics (Mil)
Bezuidenhout, Mrs Shalane
Bierman, Dr SuretteStatistics and Actuarial Science
Biggs, Prof ReinetteCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Bimerew, Dr Million
Bingham, Mr Jeremy
Biscombe, Ms Cleo
Bishop, Mr WilliamSchool of Accountancy
Bishop-swart, Mrs Shannon
Blaauw, Mr DewaldInformation Science
Blaauw, Prof ReneéHuman Nutrition
Blackie, Dr MargaretChemistry and Polymer Science
Blaine, Prof DeborahMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Blancquaert, Dr ErnaViticulture and Oenology
Blignaut, Dr Marguerite
Blitz, Prof JuliaVice-Dean: Learning and Teaching (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Bloem, Ms SharneSchool of Public Leadership
Blom, Ms Maret
Boake, Dr Andrew
Bock, Prof PeterDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Bock, Mr Daniel
Boffa, Dr Jody
Boffa, Dr Jody
Boggenpoel, Prof Zsa-zsaPublic Law
Bojana, Ms ZolekaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Boleslawsky, Miss JanaSchool of Accountancy
Boltman, Ms LindiEconomics
Bolton, Dr LarisseDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Bonato, Dr MaudAnimal Sciences
Booley, Ms Yusra
Boonzaier, Dr WilliamIndustrial Psychology
Boonzaier, Mrs MicheleIndustrial Psychology
Booysen, Prof MarthinusElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Bosch, Prof AnitaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Boshoff, Prof StephanusCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Boshoff, Prof HendrikBusiness Management
Boshoff, Prof WillemEconomics
Boskovic, Dr AnelmaRadiodiagnosis
Bosman, Prof HendrikOld and New Testament
Bosman, Dr GurthwinPhysics
Bosman, Mrs AdeleCivil Engineering
Bosman, Dr LindaCurriculum Studies
Botes, Mr WillemGenetics
Botete, Mr MakoenaMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Botha, Prof JanCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Botha, Prof HenkPublic Law
Botha, Prof MatthysElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Botha, Prof AlfredMicrobiology
Botha, Prof UrsulaPsychiatry
Botha, Mr JacquesCivil Engineering
Botha, Prof MatthysObstetrics and Gynaecology
Botha, Mr AlbertusStatistics and Actuarial Science
Botha, Dr EbrahiemChemistry and Polymer Science
Botha, Miss Myrincia
Botha, Mrs MelissaSchool of Public Leadership
Botma, Dr GabrielJournalism
Bowmaker-falconer, Mr Angus
Boxall, Dr GarethMathematics
Bradshaw, Prof StevenProcess Engineering
Bradshaw, Ms Melissa
Brand, Dr Amanda
Brand, Ms AnikaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Bredekamp, Miss LeonoreMusic
Bredell, Mr JohannMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Breedt, Dr AnnemeAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Breet, Dr ElsieInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Breidenthal, Dr AnneObstetrics and Gynaecology
Bridgman, Miss GraceEconomics
Briedenhann, Miss CaitlinPsychology
Brijmohun, Dr YasheenForensic Medicine
Brink, Dr Daniël
Brink, Dr YolandiPhysiotherapy
Brink, Mrs SophiaSchool of Accountancy
Brink, Prof WillemApplied Mathematics
Brink, Dr JeandrewApplied Mathematics
Brink, Dr PaulGeneral Internal Medicine
Brink, Dr IsobelCivil Engineering
Brits, Miss SuzetteMusic
Britz, Prof TrevorFood Science
Britz, Prof KatarinaInformation Science
Britz, Dr ElsabeOrthopaedic Surgery
Broeksma, Miss CaraProcess Engineering
Broodryk, Prof TheoLaw Clinic
Brookes, Dr HeatherGeneral Linguistics
Brooks, Mr Mathys
Brown, Dr CraigOrthopaedic Surgery
Browne, Mr Keith
Bruce-brand, Dr CassandraAnatomical Pathology
Bruwer, Mrs MeganCivil Engineering
Bruwer, Mr ArmandSchool of Accountancy
Bruwer, Dr MarisePsychiatry
Bucher, Dr ThifhelimbiluPhysics
Buckle, Miss ChanelléPsychiatry
Buffels, Ms Laverne
Buitendag, Mrs NatashaSchool of Accountancy
Burden, Mr LiamMusic
Burden, Prof MatildaUniversity Museum
Burger, Prof JohanGenetics
Burger, Ms MarlettePhysiotherapy
Burger, Prof RulofEconomics
Burger, Dr AlewynLogistics
Burger, Prof AndriesProcess Engineering
Burger, Mrs ElizabethMathematics
Burger, Dr Coenraad
Burger, Dr MarilizeOrthopaedic Surgery
Burger, Mr RinusSchool of Public Leadership
Burger, Dr CelesteNuclear Medicine
Burger, Ms Zelda
Burger, Mr Hendrik
Burger, Mr LeonIndustrial Engineering
Burgess, Mr StephenStatistics and Actuarial Science
Burke, Dr JonathanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Burrows, Mr LeEconomics
Butler, Prof RikaSchool of Accountancy
Butler, Prof MarthinusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Butt, Dr JenniferObstetrics and Gynaecology
Buys, Mrs Maria
Calitz, Mrs JohannaSchool of Accountancy
Callaghan, Ms NinaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Campa, Dr ManuelaGenetics
Carnow, Dr Jacobus Johannes
Carolus, Ms GabrielaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Carolus, Mr TimothyAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Carr, Prof JonathanNeurology
Carstens, Dr MicheleUniversity of Stellenbosch Water Institute
Carstens, Dr RiëtteBusiness Management
Cass, Mrs Rika-jean
Cassiem, Mr TariqSchool of Accountancy
Cassim, Dr FarzanaUrology
Cezula, Dr NtozakheOld and New Testament
Chambers, Mrs LynnCurriculum Studies
Chapanduka, Dr ZivanaiHaematological Pathology
Charilaou, Dr JohanOrthopaedic Surgery
Chauke, Miss Tintswalo
Chegou, Prof NovelMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Chellan, Dr PrinessaChemistry and Polymer Science
Cherry, Prof MichaelBotany and Zoology
Chetty, Prof SeanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Chetty, Dr SuryakanthieHistory
Chibanda, Miss Rutendo
Chibawara, Mr TrustDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Chibaya, Mr NyashaSocial Work
Chidamwoyo, Mr Kudzai
Chideya, Ms YeukaiInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Chikte, Prof UsufGlobal Health
Chimphango, Prof AnnieProcess Engineering
Chingwena, Miss MacylnElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Chinhengo, Dr Angela
Chiwayu, Miss BettyEconomics
Cho, Dr Seung
Chothia, Dr Mogamat-yaziedGeneral Internal Medicine
Chow, Dr ReynoldEarth Sciences
Chowney, Miss Zoë
Chu, Prof KathrynCentre for Global Surgery
Cilliers, Ms HendrikaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Cilliers, Dr CelesteAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Cilliers, Mr Jacques
Claassen, Mrs PetraSchool of Accountancy
Clarke, Prof CatherineSoil Science
Clarke, Miss CharleneNursing and Midwifery
Clements, Dr HayleyCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Cleophas, Dr FrancoisDivision Sport Science
Clifford-holmes, Mr Jai
Clift, Miss Claire
Cloete, Prof AnitaPractical Theology and Missiology
Cloete, Prof LizahnOccupational Therapy
Cloete, Dr AlreseObstetrics and Gynaecology
Cloete, Dr MaretApplied Mathematics
Cloete, Dr NicolaasCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Clover, Mr RobertStatistics and Actuarial Science
Clusella-trullas, Prof SusanaBotany and Zoology
Coetsee, Miss Carmen
Coetzee, Prof JuanaMercantile Law
Coetzee, Prof CorneliusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Coetzee, Dr Ankia
Coetzee, Prof JohanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Dr BronwynePsychology
Coetzee, Dr Dirk-francoisAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Dr FrancoisFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Coetzee, Miss Anneri
Coetzee, Dr CliveEconomics (Mil)
Coetzee, Dr Jacobus
Coetzer, Dr JohannesApplied Mathematics
Cois, Dr AnnibaleHealth Systems and Public Health
Collington-o'malley, Ms Tessa
Collins, Mrs FredlienSocial Work
Combrinck, Dr RiaanCivil Engineering
Conradie, Ms ShaneenSchool of Accountancy
Conradie, Prof WillemStatistics and Actuarial Science
Conradie, Dr WilhelminaSurgery
Conradie, Dr KarlienEducational Psychology
Conradie, Miss DaleenPhysiological Sciences
Conradie, Ms Tara
Conradie-smit, Dr Marli
Contaldi, Miss Eleonora
Coovadia, Dr MohamedPsychiatry
Coppen, Mr Neil Stewart
Corfield, Prof ValerieMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Cornelissen, Prof ScarlettPolitical Science
Cornelius, Prof IzakAncient Studies
Correia, Ms JanineClinical Anatomy
Corubolo, Mr DavyStatistics and Actuarial Science
Costandius, Prof ElmarieVisual Arts
Cotterill, Dr FentonBiochemistry
Cotton, Prof MarkPaediatrics and Child Health
Couper, Prof Ian
Couper, Mrs Jacqueline
Coxon, Mr MartinStatistics and Actuarial Science
Cripwell, Dr JamieProcess Engineering
Croeser, Ms Chantelle
Cronje, Mr Pieter
Crook, Ms Amber
Crouch, Dr ElkeHorticultural Science
Croukamp, Mr LeonCivil Engineering
Crous, Mr PieterApplied Mathematics
Crowley, Dr TalithaNursing and Midwifery
Croxford, Mr Kegan
Cruywagen, Ms Michelle
Cupido, Mr LlewellynMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Da Silva, Mr Aldridge
Da Silva, Dr MichelleRadiodiagnosis
Da Silva Ferreira, Prof AntonioViticulture and Oenology
Dalton, Mr WayneComputer Information Systems (Mil)
Damons, Mrs AnneleenNursing and Midwifery
Damons, Dr LynneEducational Psychology
Daniel, Ms Francisca
Daniels, Dr LynetteHuman Nutrition
Daniels, Prof DoriaEducational Psychology
Daniels, Prof SavelBotany and Zoology
Daniels, Ms AmyAncient Studies
Daniels, Mrs NabeelahSchool of Accountancy
Daniels, Ms Sharifa
Dasappa, Mrs LaurenMusic
Davids, Prof Mogamat
Davids, Prof NuraanEducation Policy Studies
Davids, Dr RyanSurgery
Davids, Miss DeleciaCurriculum Studies
Davids, Mr Féroll-jonMusic
Davies, Dr MeganCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Davies, Mr Norman
Davis, Dr HerbertAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Davis, Dr RazaanRadiodiagnosis
Davis, Miss Bianca
Dawood, Dr GouwaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Day, Dr PeterCivil Engineering
De Beer, Ms JenniferResearch Development
De Beer, Dr CorenaMedical Virology
De Bod, Mrs AnnekeLogistics
De Bruin, Prof GideonIndustrial Psychology
De Carvalho, Dr ShaunAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
De Clercq, Dr WillemSoil Science
De Coning, Prof Tobias
De Goede, Dr AdeleAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
De Jager, Prof NicolaPolitical Science
De Jager, Mrs EloiseSchool of Accountancy
De Jager, Mrs Mildred
De Jager, Dr LouisAnatomical Pathology
De Jager, Dr LodewikusOrthopaedic Surgery
De Jong, Dr GrietjeMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
De Jongh, Mr CornelisMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
De Klerk, Prof HelenGeography and Environmental Studies
De Klerk, Prof JeremiasUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
De Klerk, Miss DanielleProcess Engineering
De Kock, Dr MichielPhysics
De Kock, Dr ImkeIndustrial Engineering
De Koker, Prof NicoCivil Engineering
De La Bat, Mr Jean-pierreUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
De Laan, Mr AmberSchool of Accountancy
De Lange, Mrs SilkeMercantile Law
De Lange, Ms SantelNursing and Midwifery
De Necker, Mr LouieCurriculum Studies
De Paiva Nazareth Andrade De Oliveira, Prof TulioSchool for Data Science and Computational Thinking
De Roubaix, Miss Lelanie
De Ruyter, Miss AnnekeEconomics
De Villiers, Dr AnnemarieAncient Studies
De Villiers, Dr DawidEnglish
De Villiers, Ms KarlienVisual Arts
De Villiers, Ms MarePrivate Law
De Villiers, Prof AbrahamEconomics
De Villiers, Dr WibkeCivil Engineering
De Villiers, Prof DirkElectrical and Electronic Engineering
De Villiers, Prof AndreChemistry and Polymer Science
De Villiers, Dr CarinPhysiological Sciences
De Villiers, Prof JohannBusiness Management
De Villiers, Dr HendrikComputer Science
De Villiers, Prof MarietjieFamily Medicine and Primary Care
De Villiers, Mr WesleyMusic
De Villiers, Dr AnnaApplied Mathematics
De Villiers, Dr WillemAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
De Villiers, Mrs Milandi
De Villiers, Ms Sarah-jane
De Villiers, Dr JohannaDivision Sport Science
De Villiers-Botha, Dr TanyaPhilosophy
De Vink, Mr GerardSchool of Accountancy
De Vlieg, Miss KatelinSchool of Public Leadership
De Vos, Dr Werner
De Vries, Miss AnnalienBusiness Management
De Waal, Mr JanGeography and Environmental Studies
De Waal, Mr SimonDivision Sport Science
De Waard, Dr LieslObstetrics and Gynaecology
De Wet, Mrs MargarethaIndustrial Psychology
De Wet, Prof TertiusStatistics and Actuarial Science
De Wit, Prof MartinSchool of Public Leadership
Deane, Dr ShellyMicrobiology
Delmage, Ms SteffyModern Foreign Languages
Delport, Miss AnriMilitary History
Delport, Ms Estie
Delport- Williams, Miss TraceyPsychiatry
Den Besten, Miss Lauren
Den Breeyen, Dr Alana
Derman, Prof EltonOrthopaedic Surgery
Desai, Mr YussufOrthopaedic Surgery
Dewoo, Miss NerishaModern Foreign Languages
Dhladhla, Mr ThamsanqaCentre for Military Studies
Dhlamini, Ms ThembekileHuman Nutrition
Diago, Mr NiccohSocial Work
Dickie, Dr KashaDivision Sport Science
Dicks, Prof LeonMicrobiology
Diedericks, Dr GerhardusApplied Mathematics
Dimitrov, Prof DimitarIndustrial Engineering
Dippenaar, Mrs MareliSchool of Accountancy
Dippenaar, Dr PetrusAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Dirkse Van Schalkwyk, Mr TheunisIndustrial Engineering
Divol, Prof BenoitViticulture and Oenology
Djenabou, Miss KarimatouAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Dlali, Prof MawandeAfrican Languages
Dodd, Dr Malcolm
Domingo, Miss Adela
Domingo-salie, Dr Nazli
Donaldson, Prof SybrandGeography and Environmental Studies
Dorfling, Prof ChristieProcess Engineering
Doubell, Prof AntonCardiology
Douglas, Mr JohnnySchool of Public Leadership Bellvillepark Campus
Drew, Prof DavidForest and Wood Science
Dreyer, Prof LeanneBotany and Zoology
Dreyer, Mr GerritStatistics and Actuarial Science
Dreyer, Mr AndreiComputer Science
Droomer, Miss MarliUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Drude, Dr CarmenAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Du Buisson, Dr ChristelPaediatrics and Child Health
Du Plessis, Mr JacobSociology and Social Anthropology
Du Plessis, Prof JacquesPrivate Law
Du Plessis, Prof LisanneHuman Nutrition
Du Plessis, Prof StanislausChief Operating Officer
Du Plessis, Prof SophiaEconomics
Du Plessis, Prof JakobusCivil Engineering
Du Plessis, Prof SimonMedical Physiology
Du Plessis, Dr StefanPsychiatry
Du Plessis, Dr DanieCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Du Plessis, Dr MichelleUrology
Du Plessis, Dr DaneloUrology
Du Plessis, Dr ArmandElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Du Plessis-burger, Dr NelitaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Du Preez, Prof PetrusDrama
Du Preez, Prof RonelIndustrial Psychology
Du Preez, Prof JohanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Du Preez, Dr KarenDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Du Preez, Miss AnliApplied Mathematics
Du Preez, Dr JacominaPaediatrics and Child Health
Du Preez, Miss Kirsten
Du Rand, Dr GideonEconomics
Du Toit, Prof BenForest and Wood Science
Du Toit, Prof WesselViticulture and Oenology
Du Toit, Prof MargarethaViticulture and Oenology
Du Toit, Prof MadeleineModern Foreign Languages
Du Toit, Dr HenriettePhilosophy
Du Toit, Prof JacquesOrthopaedic Surgery
Du Toit, Mrs Monique
Du Toit, Dr Riette
Du Toit, Miss StefaniInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Du Toit, Mrs AdaSchool of Accountancy
Du Toit, Ms YadahSchool of Accountancy
Du Toit, Prof FrancoisPrivate Law
Du Toit, Dr LinettOphthalmology
Du Toit, Mrs Bianca
Du Toit, Miss Juliana
Du Toit, Miss NicoleComputer Science
Du Toit, Dr Jacques
Du Toit, Dr Jacques
Dubbeld, Prof BernardSociology and Social Anthropology
Dube, Dr ThembaniHistory
Dufourq, Dr EmmanuelIndustrial Engineering
Dumbleton, Miss BronwynStatistics and Actuarial Science
Duminy, Mrs LizeSchool of Accountancy
Dunaiski, Dr MarcelComputer Science
Dunn, Mr ShaunSchool of Public Leadership
Duveskog, Ms HediMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Dzama, Prof KennedyAnimal Sciences
Dzikiti, Dr Moleen
Dzikiti, Dr SebinasiHorticultural Science
Ebrahim, Mrs ZarinaHuman Nutrition
Edge, Dr JennySurgery
Edwards, Dr NazeemCurriculum Studies
Ehlers, Dr AntonHistory
Ehlers, Dr LeneBusiness Management
Elliott, Mr Ronald
Ellis, Dr JeanneEnglish
Ellis, Prof AllanBotany and Zoology
Ellis, Miss EstéEconomics
Elmahdi, Miss ReemAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Eloff, Ms Zahle
Els, Dr DanielMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Els, Dr SonjaMercantile Law (Mil) and Criminal Law (Mil)
Elsheikh, Ms SamarAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Emsley, Prof RobinPsychiatry
Engelbrecht, Prof LambertSocial Work
Engelbrecht, Mrs WaldetteSchool of Accountancy
Engelbrecht, Dr JacobusElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Engelbrecht, Prof AnnaPhysiological Sciences
Engelbrecht, Prof SusanMedical Virology
Engelbrecht, Mrs Clair
Engelbrecht, Prof AndriesIndustrial Engineering
Engelbrecht, Miss MandiGenetics
Engelbrecht, Mrs Tarryn
English, Prof ReneHealth Systems and Public Health
Erasmus, Prof PetrusBusiness Management
Erasmus, Dr WillemPublic and Development Management (Mil)
Erasmus, Dr Louisa Marina
Erfort, Dr GarethMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Ernstzen, Prof DawnPhysiotherapy
Esau, Dr OmarCurriculum Studies
Esau, Miss Tamryn
Esler, Prof KarenConservation Ecology and Entomology
Essop, Mr HassanEconomics
Essop, Prof MogammadMedical Physiology
Esterhuizen, Prof Tonya
Esterhuyse, Prof Abel
Esterhuysen, Prof CatharineChemistry and Polymer Science
Everts, Mr ReganSchool of Accountancy
Ezeobi, Mrs OliviaEconomics
Fagg, Ms Courtney
Fairhurst, Ms MelanieLanguage Centre
Fanta, Dr AshenafiUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Fataar, Dr MogamadEducation Policy Studies
Fataar, Mrs HumairaCivil Engineering
Fawole, Dr OlaniyiHorticultural Science
Fayo, Mr Xola
Fazel, Dr FatimaGeneral Internal Medicine
Fölscher Kingwill, Mrs Maria
February, Ms Tamlyn
Feenstra, Ms CarlaEducational Psychology
Feinauer, Prof AnnaAfrikaans and Dutch
Feldman, Dr JenniferEducation Policy Studies
Felix, Mrs RehannaNursing and Midwifery
Fell, Miss BrittanyPhysiotherapy
Fernandez, Dr PedroUrology
Ferreira, Mrs Lynnette
Ferreira, Prof NandoOrthopaedic Surgery
Ferris, Prof WilliamClinical Pharmacology
Fietz, Dr SusanneEarth Sciences
Finlayson, Dr HeatherPaediatrics and Child Health
Finnemore, Ms JosaneSocial Work
Firfiray, Dr LatifaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Fischer, Prof BerndComputer Science
Fish, Dr Therese
Fisher, Dr CallenElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Fisher, Mr DominicPhysiotherapy
Flemming, Dr AlexanderBotany and Zoology
Foley, Ms RobynCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Fontaine, Dr Yolandi-eloiseIndustrial Psychology (Mil)
Foord, Prof StefanBotany and Zoology
Forbes, Miss Meredith
Forgan, Dr TimothySurgery
Forster, Prof DionSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Fortuin, Miss GailSchool of Accountancy
Foster, Ms PetronellaAfrikaans and Dutch
Fourie, Prof PieterPolitical Science
Fourie, Prof JohanEconomics
Fourie, Prof CoenradElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Fourie, Dr Johannes
Fourie, Dr BarendPaediatrics and Child Health
Fourie, Mr ChadEconomics
Fourie, Dr Christoffel
Fourie, Ms Anja
Fourie, Mrs HelanyaBureau for Economic Research
Fourie, Miss LerissaSchool of Public Leadership
Francis, Prof DennisSociology and Social Anthropology
Fransch, Dr ChetHistory
Fransman, Dr Viola
Fredericks, Mr JeromeOccupational Therapy
Fredericks, Dr Ernst
Fredericks, Miss NicoletteHuman Nutrition
Freiboth, Mr HeinrichLogistics
Froli, Mrs ClaroSocial Work
Futerman, Dr Rael
Gabriel, Dr Mogamed
Galloway, Mr Jonathan
Ganson, Prof BrianUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Garbers, Prof ChristophMercantile Law
Gardner, Ms SarahPhilosophy
Garner, Mrs KarenElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Gebhardt, Prof GabrielObstetrics and Gynaecology
Geduld, Prof Heike
Geeling, Ms Sharon
Geerts, Prof LutgartObstetrics and Gynaecology
Geiger, Prof MarthaCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Geldenhuys, Mr Phillip
Gemmel, Ms Kelly
Gerber, Dr BernaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Gerber, Prof CharleneUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Gerber, Mrs PetroSchool of Accountancy
Gerber, Dr WilhelmusChemistry and Polymer Science
Gerber, Dr StiaanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Gerber, Dr AndréDrama
Gericke, Mrs AdineChemistry and Polymer Science
Gerwel, Mr HeinrichAgricultural Economics
Geustyn, Miss Maria
Gey Van Pittius, Prof Nicolaas
Geyer, Prof Hendrik
Gierdien, Dr MohammadCurriculum Studies
Gilmore, Dr JackiElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Ginsberg, Mrs LioraMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Glanzmann, Dr BrigitteMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Glashoff, Prof RichardMedical Microbiology
Gobodo-madikizela, Prof PumlaPsychology
Godfrey, Miss RoleanIndustrial Psychology
Goedhals-Gerber, Dr LeilaLogistics
Goliath, Dr AustinSurgery
Gonlag, Mr Shaidan
Goosen, Prof NeillProcess Engineering
Goosen, Miss RianaSchool of Accountancy
Goosen, Mrs LizeBusiness Management
Goosen, Dr ElaineCivil Engineering
Goremucheche, Ms RhodaCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Gorgens, Prof GinaIndustrial Psychology
Gorgens, Prof JohannProcess Engineering
Gous, Ms Mieke
Goussard, Prof PierrePaediatrics and Child Health
Gouws, Prof RufusAfrikaans and Dutch
Gouws, Prof AmandaPolitical Science
Gouws, Prof PieterFood Science
Govender, Mr IndrenComputer Science
Govender, Dr SrinivasanFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Graham, Prof MichaelUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Gray, Prof CliveMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Gray, Dr JamesMathematics
Greeff, Mrs CecileenSchool of Accountancy
Greeff, Ms Saffron
Green, Prof LouiseEnglish
Green, Prof BarryAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Grenfell, Dr SuzanneGeography and Environmental Studies
Gretschel, Dr ArminNeurosurgery
Greyling, Mrs LindaClinical Anatomy
Griebenow, Mr Stian
Grobbelaar, Prof SaraIndustrial Engineering
Grobbelaar, Prof HeinrichDivision Sport Science
Grobler, Dr PieterMusic
Grobler, Mrs ChristelleBureau for Economic Research
Grobler, Dr TrienkoComputer Science
Grobler, Prof JacomineIndustrial Engineering
Groenewald, Ms JoaniVisual Arts
Groenewald, Miss Anneli
Groenwold, Prof AlbertMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Grootboom, Mr Lanche
Grundling, Mr Winand
Gule, Dr NkosinathiElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Gunst, Dr ColetteFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Gunter, Prof ElizabethVisual Arts
Guse Janse Van Vuuren, Mrs CarlaIndustrial Psychology
Haas, Prof TrevorCivil Engineering
Haasbroek, Mr Petrus
Hagan, Mr SybrandPsychology
Haines, Mr RichardMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hale, Prof NicholasApplied Mathematics
Hall, Prof DavidObstetrics and Gynaecology
Hall, Dr SusanPhilosophy
Halsall, Ms TarrynCurriculum Studies
Hamann, Dr MaikeSchool of Public Leadership
Hamann, Dr MaikeCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Hamilton, Dr PatriciaSociology and Social Anthropology
Hanekom, Prof SusanPhysiotherapy
Hans, Mrs TanehaMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hansen, Mrs Anthea
Hardie-pieters, Dr AilsaSoil Science
Hargrove, Prof JohnDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Haroldt, Mrs HanlieComputer Science
Harris, Dr DavidCardiothoracic Surgery
Harrison, Dr William
Hartmann, Ms JulietteLanguage Centre
Havenga, Prof JanLogistics
Hawkridge, Dr SusanPsychiatry
Haynes, Prof DeliaChemistry and Polymer Science
Hayward, Dr StefanFood Science
Heine, Dr MartinOrthopaedic Surgery
Heinecken, Prof LynnetteSociology and Social Anthropology
Heiss, Prof WalterPhysics
Hemmings, Prof SianPsychiatry
Hendricks, Ms MelanyPsychiatry
Hendricks, Mr JohannCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Hendricks, Ms Adrienne
Henrico, Dr Susanna
Henrico, Dr IvanMilitary Geography
Henry, Ms Junita
Henshilwood, Mrs Elizabeth
Heradien, Mr Cecil
Herron, Mrs AndreaSchool of Accountancy
Hess, Miss LezaanGenetics
Hesseling, Prof AnnekeDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Heunis, Dr MagdaRadiation Oncology
Heymann, Dr RethaMathematics
Heyn, Dr RenéEarth Sciences
Hill, Dr LloydSociology and Social Anthropology
Hille, Prof JohannesjanAnatomical Pathology
Hills, Dr PaulInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Hlati, Ms Siphokazi
Hoefnagel, Dr MichaelMathematics
Hoffman, Dr JosiasSoil Science
Hoffman-van Rooyen, Mrs ElmariSocial Work
Hoffmann, Dr WillemAgricultural Economics
Hoffmann, Prof JaapMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hoffmann, Dr RenaMedical Microbiology
Hoffmann, Dr MarizaChemical Pathology
Hofmeyr, Dr DavidStatistics and Actuarial Science
Holdt, Dr FrederikRadiodiagnosis
Holgate, Dr SandiPaediatrics and Child Health
Hollander, Dr HyltonEconomics
Honey, Ms Marisa
Horak, Ms NataschaPsychiatry
Horn, Dr AlettaCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Horrell, Ms Zanne
Horsten, Miss DebraPrivate Law
Howard, Mrs Elise
Howell, Dr Karin-thereseMathematics
Howie, Prof Sarah
Huddlestone, Dr KathleenGeneral Linguistics
Hugo, Dr DanielOrthopaedic Surgery
Hui, Prof CangMathematics
Human, Prof CorneliaPrivate Law
Human, Mrs MelanieSocial Work
Human, Prof GertBusiness Management
Human, Miss Emrie
Human, Dr Rene
Human-van Eck, Ms DebbieBusiness Management
Huyssen, Ms Antoinette
Ijssel De Schepper, Miss CatrijneBureau for Economic Research
Ikram-hameed, Dr SarwatAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Indermun, Mr ShivalMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Inggs, Dr CorneliaComputer Science
Irusen, Prof Elvisegran
Isaacs, Mrs DeyanaSchool of Public Leadership Bellvillepark Campus
Isaacs, Ms ShafiekaHaematological Pathology
Jackson, Mrs SandraSocial Work
Jacobs, Prof HeinzCivil Engineering
Jacobs, Prof KarinMicrobiology
Jacobs, Dr KristenMedicine and Health Sciences Central
Jacobs, Dr CarmelitaEducational Psychology
Jacobs, Dr AntheaCentre for Teaching and Learning
Jacobs, Ms LydiaCurriculum Studies
Jacobs, Dr ShaundréDivision Sport Science
Jacobs, Miss MelanieSchool of Accountancy
Jacobs, Ms DanyschkaSocial Work
Jacobs, Dr AndreaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Jacobs, Mrs Belinda
Jacobs, Dr Lizelle
Jacobs, Mr Ronald
Jacobs-nzuzi Khuabi, Dr Lee-annOccupational Therapy
Jafta, Prof RachelEconomics
Jalavu, Dr ThumekaChemical Pathology
Janelidze, Prof ZurabMathematics
Janse Van Vuuren, Miss Anika
Janse Van Vuuren, Mr Marnus
Jansen, Prof JonathanEducation Policy Studies
Jansen, Miss GretchenMercantile Law
Jansen Van Rensburg, Miss Danielle
Janson, Prof JacquesCardiothoracic Surgery
Jarvis, Dr LucyPsychiatry
Jenkins, Prof KimCivil Engineering
Jessani, Dr Nasreen
Jhetam, Ms TasneemCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Joao, Miss SamanthaGenetics
John, Dr AnslynPhysics
Johnson, Ms EbreziaPrivate Law
Johnson, Dr MarianneAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Johnson, Mrs RuthBusiness Management
Johnson, Mr IsaacMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Johnson, Miss Camilla
Johnston, Dr MarkOphthalmology
Jones, Dr MeganEnglish
Jones, Dr RoxanePsychiatry
Jonga, Ms KholosaAfrican Languages
Jonker, Prof LouisOld and New Testament
Jooste, Dr JohannesIndustrial Engineering
Jooste, Mr Leroy
Jooste, Prof AndreAgricultural Economics
Jordaan, Ms MarenetJournalism
Jordaan, Mr Jan
Jordaan, Dr DoretModern Foreign Languages
Jordaan, Mr KylePublic Law
Jordan, Prof PortiaNursing and Midwifery
Joseph, Prof ConranPhysiotherapy
Joseph, Dr DanzilPhysiological Sciences
Joubert, Mr Marcus
Joubert, Dr EtienneOrthopaedic Surgery
Joubert, Dr AndriesAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Jumat, Mr Juan-claude
Jurgens, Mr ChristiaanCivil Engineering
Kabanda, Mrs Siti
Kachur, Ms DzvenyslavaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Kagee, Prof AshrafPsychology
Kahonde, Dr Callista
Kalake, Mr Refiloe
Kalema, Dr EmeryPsychology
Kali, Dr GugulabatembunamahlubiPaediatrics and Child Health
Kallenbach, Dr TracyAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Kaloli, Ms MphoAfrican Languages
Kamper, Prof MaartenElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Kamper, Dr HermanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Kamper, Miss Femia
Kannenberg, Dr SusannaDermatology
Kara, Dr Jyothi
Kara, Miss KajilAncient Studies
Karjiker, Prof SadullaMercantile Law
Kaschula, Dr CatherineChemistry and Polymer Science
Kaseke, Dr RichmoreCentre for Renewable and Sustainable energy studies
Kasongo, Dr SydneyIndustrial Engineering
Katzke, Mr NicoEconomics
Kauma, Dr Bryan
Kühn, Mrs Aletta
Keet, Ms KerriClinical Anatomy
Kekana, Ms KerotseSchool of Public Leadership
Kellermann, Ms AntoinetteDrama
Kelly, Miss PietersenSchool of Accountancy
Kemp, Dr JacobusGeography and Environmental Studies
Kempthorne, Ms DebbyNursing and Midwifery
Kennealy, Miss MeghanApplied Mathematics
Kenyon, Prof ColinMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Kershaw, Mr André
Kershoff, Mr GeorgeBureau for Economic Research
Kese, Dr PamelaCurriculum Studies
Keyser, Dr ZamiraSurgery
Kgosana, Mr MakatipeCentre for Military Studies
Kgwedi, Mr MashumuLogistics
Khan, Prof FirozSchool of Public Leadership
Khan, Prof WesaalMicrobiology
Khan, Miss MariambibiVisual Arts
Khanyile, Dr MosesCentre for Military Studies
Khanyile, Mr MosesCentre for Military Studies
Khosa, Mrs PriscaliaSocial Work
Khoza, Dr Mhaka
Khumalo, Ms ValentineHuman Nutrition
Kibamba, Dr Crispin
Kidd, Prof MartinCentre for Statistical Consultation
Kilbourn, Mr FrankSchool of Accountancy
Kilian, Dr SanjaPsychiatry
Kinghorn, Mrs Esme
Kirsten, Mrs CorrinnaSchool of Accountancy
Kisters, Prof AlexanderEarth Sciences
Kitchin, Miss NatashaPsychiatry
Klaasen, Mr Danoven
Klausen, Dr MartinEarth Sciences
Klein, Lt Col GerdenerPublic and Development Management (Mil)
Kleintjes, Dr WayneSurgery
Kleyn, Ms LisaPsychology
Kleynhans, Prof TheodorusAgricultural Economics
Kleynhans, Dr EvertMilitary History
Kling, Prof SharonPaediatrics and Child Health
Klopper, Dr MarisaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Klopper, Dr Juan
Kloppers, Ms MaatjeOccupational Therapy
Klumperman, Prof LubertusChemistry and Polymer Science
Knipe, Dr KarushaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Knoetze, Mrs AnetSchool of Accountancy
Koch, Mr Christiaan
Koegelenberg, Prof Coenraad
Koen, Dr NeleneHuman Nutrition
Koen, Prof LiezlPsychiatry
Koffi, Mr RockAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Koopman, Prof Nico
Korf, Dr MariznaChemical Pathology
Korkie, Mr Zurial-pablo
Korowlay, Dr NisaarahmedNuclear Medicine
Kossmann, Prof JensInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Kotzé, Prof TheunisAgronomy
Kotze, Prof AnnemareAncient Studies
Kotze, Prof MarthaChemical Pathology
Kotze, Mrs MauliseCurriculum Studies
Kozain, Mr RustumEnglish
Kraak, Prof WilburDivision Sport Science
Kriel, Dr JohannesPhysics
Kritzinger, Mr Xander
Kroza, Ms AnesiphoAfrican Languages
Krugel, Dr MaricelFood Science
Kruger, Prof Maria
Kruger, Prof Lou-mariePsychology
Kruger, Mr StephanusSchool of Accountancy
Kruger, Prof MarianaPaediatrics and Child Health
Kruger, Dr ElsieChemical Pathology
Kruger, Mr Jaftha
Kruger, Mr Markus
Krygsman, Prof StephanusLogistics
Kuhn, Dr StefanieBusiness Management
Kuivaniemi, Prof SiskoMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Kumalo, Mr Malibongwe
Kumschick, Dr SabrinaDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Kussing, Ms UlrikeLogistics
La Kay, Mr Jarryd
Lachman, Dr AnushaPsychiatry
Lahri, Dr Sa'ad
Lalendle, Miss ChumasandeLogistics
Lalla, Dr UshaGeneral Internal Medicine
Lamb, Dr GuyPolitical Science
Lamberts, Prof RobertDivision Sport Science
Lambrechts, Dr HeletAnimal Sciences
Lambrechts, Dr DericaPolitical Science
Lambrechts, Dr AntonSurgery
Lamont, Dr MichaelBusiness Management
Lamont, Dr MorneStatistics and Actuarial Science
Lampen, Dr ChristineCurriculum Studies
Lamprecht, Prof ChristiaanSchool of Accountancy
Lamprecht, Dr CornéEconomics
Landi, Dr PietroApplied Mathematics
Lang, Mr RyanComputer Science
Langenegger, Dr EduardObstetrics and Gynaecology
Lategan, Prof BernardInformation Science
Lategan, Dr Hendrick Jaco
Laubscher, Dr Laetitia
Laubscher, Prof RynoMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Laubscher, Miss Leila
Laughton, Prof BarbaraChildren Disease Clinical Research Unit
Laurenzi, Dr Christina
Lawn, Ms CharlotteMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Lawrence, Capt AudreyCentre for Military Studies
Lawrenson, Prof JohnPaediatrics and Child Health
Lötter, Mr DanielIndustrial Engineering
Le Cordeur, Prof MichaelCurriculum Studies
Le Grange, Prof LesleyCurriculum Studies
Le Roex, Dr TanyaChemistry and Polymer Science
Le Roux, Dr DanielInformation Science
Le Roux, Dr MarcellousAgronomy
Le Roux, Dr Karl
Le Roux, Dr Marlon-schylorGenetics
Le Roux, Ms EsmariSocial Work
Le Roux, Dr RikusMilitary Technology
Lebethe, Ms AgathaCurriculum Studies
Lederer, Dr AlbenaChemistry and Polymer Science
Leibbrandt, Dr DominiquePhysiotherapy
Lemboe, Mr CraigBureau for Economic Research
Lennox, Dr CherylPlant Pathology
Lesch, Prof HaroldAfrikaans and Dutch
Lesch, Prof ElmienPsychology
Lesch, Dr AntheaPsychology
Lesch, Miss LuzaanEconomics
Leslie, Dr AlisonConservation Ecology and Entomology
Lester, Dr Claire-anneSociology and Social Anthropology
Leveel, Dr EricModern Foreign Languages
Liebenberg, Prof SandraPublic Law
Liebenberg, Prof JohannesCentre for Military Studies
Light, Miss RebeccaCurriculum Studies
Links, Mr CalumetEconomics
Links, Dr AndreAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Lloyd, Dr JamesInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Lloyd, Dr LizelPaediatrics and Child Health
Lochner, Prof ChristinePsychiatry
Lochner, Mr RynoSchool of Accountancy
Loggenberg, Mr KyleGeography and Environmental Studies
Lomas, Dr VanessaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Lombaard, Mrs DelinaCurriculum Studies
Lombard, Dr JeanApplied Mathematics
Lombard, Dr AnnaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Loots, Dr RuendaSchool of Public Leadership
Loots, Dr Sonja
Lord, Mr JasonEconomics
Lotz, Dr JanRadiodiagnosis
Lotz, Dr TheresiaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Lotze, Dr ElmiHorticultural Science
Loubser, Dr Henriëtte
Lourens, Dr GuinevereNursing and Midwifery
Louw, Prof JohannesLogistics
Louw, Mr SimonStatistics and Actuarial Science
Louw, Prof AnnBiochemistry
Louw, Prof QuinettePhysiotherapy
Louw, Prof TobiasProcess Engineering
Louw, Dr TheresaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Louw, Prof AndreMercantile Law
Louw, Prof LouisIndustrial Engineering
Louw, Mr ShaunEconomics
Louw, Dr Jeanne
Louw, Dr Kerri-annPsychiatry
Louw, Dr KurtAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Louw, Dr Gerrit
Loxton, Prof HelenaPsychology
Lubbe, Dr Jeanne-adeleSurgery
Lubbe, Prof SugnetStatistics and Actuarial Science
Luckay, Dr RobertChemistry and Polymer Science
Ludick, Dr DanielElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Ludziya, Ms ZanelePsychiatry
Lueme, Dr LokotolaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Lues, Prof Liezel
Luger, Ms RosemaryCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Lukas, Mr Tshepo
Lunde, Miss Kerenza
Lupton-smith, Dr AlisonPhysiotherapy
Lutomiah, Dr AgnesCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Luvuno, Dr LindaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Luzipo, Lt PalesaIndustrial Psychology (Mil)
Lyners, Mr Phillip
Lyners, Mrs Sharon
Lyu, Mr BoModern Foreign Languages
Maarman, Dr GeraldMedical Physiology
Maasdorp, Dr ChristiaanInformation Science
Mabitsela, Mr SeaneMilitary History
Mac Dermott, Miss Kerryn D
Macallister, Mr Nicolas
Macharia, Dr MuiruriPsychiatry
Macrobert, Dr CharlesCivil Engineering
Madavhu, Mr MashuduMilitary Management
Madide, Dr AyandaPaediatrics and Child Health
Mafame, Miss Thendo
Mafojane, Mrs Molie
Mafuya, Mr Dingindhlela
Magalhães, Prof LuisMusic
Maganoe, Miss Shadi
Magau, Dr Mpho
Maggott, Mr EmileChemistry and Polymer Science
Magnani, Ms EmiliaAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Magogotya, Mrs ZukiswaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Maharaj, Ms SalishaPsychiatry
Maharaj, Miss Shaniae
Mahlakwane, Dr KamelaMedical Virology
Mahlatsi, Ms Malaika
Mahokoto, Dr SiphoSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Mahomed, Prof NawazMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Mahomedy, Miss SameeraPublic Law
Majodina, Miss Thabile
Makhundu, Miss BongisiweAfrican Languages
Makunga, Prof NokwandaBotany and Zoology
Malahlela, Mrs Sellwane
Malan, Prof AntoinetteConservation Ecology and Entomology
Malaza, Dr VusiPhysics (Mil)
Malefane, Prof Shepherd Ramakatu
Malek, Dr AlettaPaediatrics and Child Health
Malgas, Ms RhodaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Malgas-Enus, Dr RehanaChemistry and Polymer Science
Malindi, Dr KholekileEconomics
Mall, Dr Sumaya
Mallon, Prof PeterChemistry and Polymer Science
Malope, Ms MaleboMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Maluleke, Miss Tsakani
Mamaka, Mr Musa
Mamathuba, Miss Mudangawe
Mamphweli, Dr NtshengedzeniCentre for Renewable and Sustainable energy studies
Manaka, Miss Mosepedi Sekei
Manley, Prof MarenaFood Science
Mans-kemp, Prof NadiaBusiness Management
Manu, Miss Esther
Mapham, Dr WilliamHealth Systems and Public Health
Mapholi, Mr ZwonakaProcess Engineering
Maphutsi, Mrs Machelhane
Mapiye, Prof CletosAnimal Sciences
Mapolie, Prof SelwynChemistry and Polymer Science
Maponga, Dr TongaiMedical Virology
Mapowo, Mr Newton
Marais, Dr ErnaMedical Physiology
Marais, Dr NadiaSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Marais, Ms MariskaSocial Work
Marais, Mr KurtLogistics
Marais, Dr JeannineFood Science
Marais, Dr ElrikeDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Maralack, Mr JohnCurriculum Studies
Marco-felton, Mrs Jenna-leePsychiatry
Maree, Miss LelaniBusiness Management
Mariri, Mr TendaiIndustrial Psychology
Maritz, Dr MiltonApplied Mathematics
Maritz, Mrs KarinMusic
Marks, Ms CarineClinical Pharmacology
Marlow, Miss MargueriteInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Marozva, Prof Godfrey
Marques, Dr SophieMathematics
Martin, Dr LindiSurgery
Marwa, Dr NyankomoUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Marx, Mr Jan-taljaard
Maseko, Mr Sibusiso
Mash, Prof Robert-jamesFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Mashazi, Ms SimangeleGeneral Linguistics
Mashigo, Dr NomusaHaematological Pathology
Mashimbye, Dr ZamaGeography and Environmental Studies
Mashishi, Mr Daniel
Masimila, Dr DaviniaObstetrics and Gynaecology
Masiye, Mr FrancisResearch Development and Support (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
Masole, Ms AnnelineIndustrial Psychology (Mil)
Masters, Dr SamanthaAncient Studies
Maswime, Mr Tovhowani
Matamba, Mr Emmanuel
Mathee, Miss SharifaPublic and Development Management (Mil)
Matope, Prof StephenIndustrial Engineering
Matroos, Ms Allison
Matsaseng, Prof ThaboObstetrics and Gynaecology
Matthee, Dr SonjaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Matthee, Prof ConradBotany and Zoology
Matthee, Mr ThurstanPolitical Science
Matukane, Ms SipiweMedical Microbiology
Mausling, Dr MatthewPsychiatry
Mawoyo, Mr TatendaInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Mawson, Dr KathleenPsychiatry
Mayne, Dr MatthewEarth Sciences
Müller, Ms DanellMusic
Mbao, Dr WamuwiEnglish
Mbatha, Miss Sphokazi
Mbaya, Prof HenrySystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Mbaya, Miss Brandina
Mbeki, Mr Makhonza
Mbhenyane, Prof XikombisoHuman Nutrition
Mbungu, Dr NomapheloObstetrics and Gynaecology
Mbuyamba, Miss Rachel
Mc Donald, Mrs Gail Ma
Mccaul, Dr Michael
Mcgregor, Dr NathanielGenetics
Mcgregor, Prof CraigMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Mchunu, Mr Thembinkosi
Mckay, Dr MarianneViticulture and Oenology
Mclachlan, Ms WanModern Foreign Languages
Mclaren, Miss AlexandraSchool of Accountancy
Mclean, Mr LewisEconomics
Mcleod, Prof AdelePlant Pathology
Meas, Mr MatthewMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Measey, Prof GavinDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Mehtar, Prof ShaheenHealth Systems and Public Health
Meintjes, Dr WillemHealth Systems and Public Health
Meiring, Mrs Jacoba
Meissner, Mrs MartinaCurriculum Studies
Mellet, Miss JudySchool of Accountancy
Meloyer, Miss Rachel
Menkveld, Prof RoelofObstetrics and Gynaecology
Merven, Dr MarcOtorhinolaryngology
Mey, Mr MattheusSchool of Accountancy
Meyer, Prof PetrieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Meyer, Prof ChristiaanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Meyer, Mrs HesterStatistics and Actuarial Science
Meyer, Dr BettinaCivil Engineering
Meyer, Dr FransElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Meyer, Dr Rhoda
Meyer, Mr Duval
Mhangwana, Hundzukani
Midgley, Prof GuyBotany and Zoology
Millar, Miss JamieEconomics
Miller, Prof MicheleMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Mills, Dr LizePrivate Law
Minnie, Mr RoanEconomics
Minnie, Dr Johan
Miseer, Dr SaneshOrthopaedic Surgery
Mitchell, Mr ColinPsychiatry
Mji, Prof GubelaCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Mkaza, Dr NoelPhysics (Mil)
Mkhaliphi, Miss ThuliIndustrial Engineering
Mkhize, Dr MbekezeliCentre for Military Studies
Mkhize, Mr ThokozaniRadiation Oncology
Mkhize, Col Hlengiwe
Mkondweni, Mr SiphiwoAfrican Languages
Mlambo, Dr Yuekai
Mmotong, Mr Frans
Mnukwana, Miss Ncebakazi FezekaMusic
Moe, Ms LedelleVisual Arts
Moelich, Dr ErikaFood Science
Mohlakoana, Dr NthabisengCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Mokganya, Ms Motshekgene
Molapo, Miss Mpho
Molefe, Mr Boikanyo
Moleko, Dr NthabisengUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Moleleki, Ms MalefuMedical Microbiology
Moller, Prof MarloMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Moloi, Mr TshepoBureau for Economic Research
Molotsi, Dr AnnelinAnimal Sciences
Mongalo, Miss Neo
Mongane, Mrs ZureldaSchool of Accountancy
Monnanyane, Lt Col BontleMilitary Management
Moodley, Prof Keymanthri
Moodley, Dr AneshreePsychiatry
Moodley, Dr DalePsychology
Moodley, Miss NishaiUniversity of Stellenbosch Water Institute
Moodley, Dr YoshanGlobal Health
Moore, Dr JohnInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Moosa, Prof ShahidaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Moosajee, Dr Farzana
Morake, Ms OtsileAccounting (Mil) and Auditing (Mil)
Moropana, Mrs BeautyAfrican Languages
Morris, Mrs CarlaSchool of Accountancy
Morrison, Dr JuliePaediatrics and Child Health
Mort, Dr Thelma
Moses, Dr EldridgeEconomics
Moses, Dr JaneCardiology
Mostert, Prof PaulStatistics and Actuarial Science
Mostert, Mr Heinrich
Mostert, Mr Liam
Motala, Ms TasneemUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Motang, Miss NeoProcess Engineering
Motha, Ms Khethiwe
Motsisi, Ms MmatumisangDrama
Motsohi, Dr TsepoFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Mouton, Prof JohannCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Mouton, Prof HendrikElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Mouton, Prof SonjaMathematics
Mouton, Mr AndriesStatistics and Actuarial Science
Mouton, Mr Ebenezer
Moyo-ndlovu, Ms SibongokuhleCentre for Student Communities
Mpeta, Miss BokangEconomics
Mphahlele, Mr Kganki
Mpinda, Dr BulelwaPsychiatry
Mpudi, Miss Goitsemang
Mrwetyana, Ms NomandlaNursing and Midwifery
Msi, Miss LathithaAfrican Languages
Msimang, Mr PhilaPhilosophy
Msindwana, Miss Amanda
Msutu, Mr ThalalolwaziMercantile Law
Mtengwa, Miss Onai
Mthelebofu, Miss KatlegoMercantile Law
Mthembu, Miss Nonhlanhla
Mthombothi, Ms ZinhleDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Mtombeni, Miss Tirelo
Mtshawu, Miss BabalwaMilitary Geography
Mtyana, Mr MzukisiAfrican Languages
Mubekapi-musadaidzwa, Mrs ConstanceDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Mugari, Mr Alfred
Muller, Miss Magdalena
Muller, Prof Jacobus
Muller, Ms Joanne AnnekeCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Muller, Dr ChristoffelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Muller, Mr Anton
Muller, Mr Carl
Muller-Nedebock, Prof KristianPhysics
Muller-stuurman, Mr Johnathan
Munch, Dr ZahnGeography and Environmental Studies
Mungatana, Prof EricAgricultural Economics
Mungwe, Mr S'yandaApplied Mathematics
Murray, Dr AlbertusAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Murray, Prof Sally-annEnglish
Musango, Prof JosephineSchool of Public Leadership
Musekwa, Dr ErnestHaematological Pathology
Mutede, Mr Tawanda
Muyambo, Mr Bothwell
Mwanangombe, Mr Judah
Mwaniki, Dr FredrickElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Myburgh, Dr FranziskaPrivate Law
Myburgh, Prof KathrynPhysiological Sciences
Myburgh, Dr Philippus
Myburgh, Mr Nicholas
Myburgh, Mrs HanlieDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Myeza, Miss Phumlile
Nagel, Dr PeterOld and New Testament
Naidoo, Prof AnthonyPsychology
Naidoo, Mr SatiaseelanInformation Science
Naidoo, Dr KomeelaRadiation Oncology
Naidoo, Prof ParamespriProcess Engineering
Naidoo, Mr Selvan
Naidoo, Ms SheenaPsychology
Naidu, Dr Thamesree
Nair, Dr Gonasagrie
Nanor, Mr Ebenezer
Nanyanzi, Miss AliceAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Nanziri, Dr LwangaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Nassen, Dr RenePsychiatry
Naude, Prof CelesteCentre for Evidence-based Health Care
Naude, Prof PetrusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Ncakane, Mr Sandile
Ncamani, Mr LunathiMusic
Nchake, Dr MamelloEconomics
Ncube, Miss Thinabakho
Ndevu, Prof ZwelinzimaSchool of Public Leadership
Ndifon, Dr WilfredAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Ndlozi, Mrs Gladys
Ndotho, Miss Zama
Ned, Dr LieketsengCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Neethling, Dr PieterPhysics
Neethling, Mr AdolphBusiness Management
Neethling, Ms Rosser
Neethling, Ms Janet
Nel, Dr MariusOld and New Testament
Nel, Dr MaryPublic Law
Nel, Prof WillemSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Dr GeorgeSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Mr RudieSchool of Accountancy
Nel, Prof Etienne
Nel, Mrs JanaCurriculum Studies
Nel, Dr GerritIndustrial Engineering
Nel, Dr PieterMedical Microbiology
Nel, Miss Teneille
Nel, Mr Cameron
Nel, Miss Alma
Nell, Dr TheodorePhysiological Sciences
Nell, Dr MarioMusic
Newman, Prof RichardPhysics
Newton-foot, Dr MaeMedical Microbiology
Ngah, Miss Veranyuy
Ngcobo-Sithole, Dr MagnoliaPsychiatry
Ngeni, Mr Siphiwo
Ngumbela, Mr UnathiAfrican Languages
Ngwabi, Miss NoziphoCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Ngwane, Dr AndileMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Ngwenya, Ms OlinaDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Ngwenya, Miss MosimaEconomics
Ngxande, Dr MkhuseliComputer Science
Ngxeba, Mr SimphiweSurgery
Nickelsen, Dr Daniel
Nieftagodien, Mr Razeen
Niehaus, Prof DanielPsychiatry
Nienkemper-swanepoel, Dr JohanéStatistics and Actuarial Science
Niesler, Prof ThomasElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Nieuwoudt, Mrs LiezlEconomics
Nieuwoudt, Dr IsabelleLogistics
Njah, Ms RahinatouAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Njenga, Mr Sameul
Njeyiyana, Ms SusanGeneral Linguistics
Njiri, Mr Bernard
Nkampini, Mrs Nozuko
Nkomo, Prof Dion
Nkonki, Dr LungiswaHealth Systems and Public Health
Nkosi, Miss WawaEconomics
Nkosi, Dr NokwaziMedical Virology
Nkuna, Mr MatthewsMercantile Law (Mil) and Criminal Law (Mil)
Nolan, Dr Margaret
Nolan, Dr Margaret
Nompumza, Mr Mkululi
Nongco, Mr ThabangAfrican Languages
Nortje, Miss Welri
Nortje, Miss Aletta
Ntobongwana, Dr MonalisaHaematological Pathology
Nwoyounazvo, Ms NetsayiSocial Work
Nyasulu, Prof Peter
Nyasulu, Dr JulietHealth Systems and Public Health
Nyawo, Mr Jabulani
Nyembezi, Miss SinazoSocial Work
O'keefe, Prof StephenGeneral Internal Medicine
Obasa, Dr Adetayo
Oberholster, Prof Anna-mariaGenetics
Oberholzer, Mrs Luché
Oberholzer, Miss SimoneSocial Work
Obi, Miss Philippa
Ocloo, Mr Remous
October, Mr MelrickLogistics
Odendaal, Prof HendrikObstetrics and Gynaecology
Odendaal, Dr JacobusSurgery
Odendaal, Prof AlettaIndustrial Psychology
Odendaal, Miss Chanté
Oellrich, Mr KarlSchool of Accountancy
Ogle, Dr ZimbiniFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Okeke, Mr NnaemekaMedicine and Health Sciences Central
Oladejo, Mr Ayobami
Olivier, Dr MariusPsychiatry
Olivier, Ms DebbeyCivil Engineering
Olivier, Dr Laetitia
Olyn, Mr CurtleySchool of Accountancy
Ontong, Mr Kian
Onyeagoziri, Dr ChinenyeMathematics
Oostendorp, Dr MarcelynGeneral Linguistics
Oosthuizen, Miss HelenaSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Oosthuizen, Adv Wessel
Oosthuizen, Ms Leigh
Opara, Prof UmezuruikeHorticultural Science
Oppelt, Dr RiaanEnglish
Orth, Dr HeidiMedical Microbiology
Osman, Dr MuhammadDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Overmeyer, Dr ReinhardAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Owen, Dr MichaelMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Padayachy, Miss ShivaniSchool of Accountancy
Page, Dr CarineClinical Pharmacology
Painter, Prof DesmondPsychology
Palm, Dr SelinaBureau for continuing Theological Education and Research
Pappin, Dr Michele
Paris, Dr GeraldRadiation Oncology
Parker, Dr NoorPaediatrics and Child Health
Parker, Dr LorienSocial Work
Parker, Dr Arifa
Parker, Miss Kauthar Jameela
Pasch, Prof HaroldChemistry and Polymer Science
Patterson, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Patterton, Prof Hugh-george
Paulse, Miss JulietCurriculum Studies
Pauw, Prof CharlBotany and Zoology
Payne, Dr AntheaPsychiatry
Pearce, Mr James
Pearse, Prof Noel
Pearson, Ms Kelly
Pecoraro, Dr AlfonsoCardiology
Pedro, Mrs MarnéCurriculum Studies
Pedro, Dr Athena
Peer, Dr NasreenBotany and Zoology
Pefile, Mr NtsikeleloPhysiotherapy
Pegado, Miss BrigitteEconomics
Pelser, Prof Theunis
Pentz, Prof ChristianBusiness Management
Penxa-matholeni, Rev NobontuPractical Theology and Missiology
Perold, Prof WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Peters, Dr ShaunInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Petersen, Dr DesireeMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Petrie, Ms Kerry
Pfukwa, Dr RuebenChemistry and Polymer Science
Phahladira, Dr LebogangPsychiatry
Pharoah, Mrs RobynResearch Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction
Phenyane, Miss NondumisoPublic Law
Phimister, Prof EuanUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Phimister, Prof EuanUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Phiri, Dr EthelAgronomy
Pienaar, Prof JuanitaPrivate Law
Pienaar, Mr HugoBureau for Economic Research
Pienaar, Mr Roelf
Pienaar, Dr ColetteMedical Microbiology
Pienaar, Dr Marie
Pieterse, Dr ElsjeAnimal Sciences
Pieterse, Dr PetrusAgronomy
Pieterse, Dr WelmaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pillay, Prof PregalaSchool of Public Leadership
Pillay, Prof VisvanathanProcess Engineering
Pillay, Dr RenildaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Pillay, Mr Thagaraja
Pillay-fuentes Lorente, Dr Veshni
Pina, Mr RalphIT Institutional Software Solutions
Pistor, Miss MarissaSocial Work
Pitcher, Prof RichardRadiodiagnosis
Plaatjes, Mr Quinton
Plastow, Prof NicolaOccupational Therapy
Poblete, Dr CarlosViticulture and Oenology
Posthumus, Miss Cassandra
Potgieter, Dr LinkeLogistics
Potgieter, Prof TheodorusCentre for Military Studies
Potocnik, Prof FelixPsychiatry
Pott, Prof RobertProcess Engineering
Poulo, Mr LebekoAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Praeg, Dr Leonard
Prah, Dr EfuaSociology and Social Anthropology
Prasad, Mrs Renuka
Preiser, Prof WolfgangMedical Virology
Pretorius, Dr MareliDrama
Pretorius, Dr ChrismaPsychology
Pretorius, Dr CarlaChemistry and Polymer Science
Pretorius, Dr JohannesMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Pretorius, Dr ReneChemistry and Polymer Science
Pretorius, Prof EtheresiaPhysiological Sciences
Pretoruis, Dr Johan
Pringle, Ms CatherineCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Prozesky, Prof HeidiCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Prozesky, Dr Hans
Pryke, Prof JamesConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pullen, Ms Michelle
Pulliam, Prof JulietDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Punt, Prof JeremiaOld and New Testament
Punt, Dr CeciliaAgricultural Economics
Putter, Dr Andries
Qacha, Mr Bohlajana
Quinot, Prof GeoPublic Law
Qulu, Dr LihleMedical Physiology
Raath, Dr Pieter
Rabe, Prof LizetteJournalism
Rabenantoandro, Dr AndryMathematics
Rabie, Prof HelenaPaediatrics and Child Health
Rademeyer, Mr Johann
Raffrenato, Dr EmilianoAnimal Sciences
Rainsford, Mr IanDivision Sport Science
Ralaivaosaona, Dr DimbinainaMathematics
Rallabandi, Dr PavanGeneral Internal Medicine
Ramages, Mr GeorgeSchool of Accountancy
Rambau, Dr RamugondoBotany and Zoology
Rambharose, Dr SanjeevPhysiological Sciences
Ramokgadi, Dr ShadrackCentre for Military Studies
Rampf, Dr NadineClinical Anatomy
Rasolofoson, Dr FaraniainaAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Ratele, Prof RobertPsychology
Rautenbach, Prof MarinaBiochemistry
Razack, Dr RubinaAnatomical Pathology
Reddy, Prof ChrisopherCurriculum Studies
Reddy, Dr KessendriMedical Microbiology
Redelinghuys, Mr Louw
Redfern, Dr AndrewPaediatrics and Child Health
Reid, Dr Monique
Rennie-salonen, Dr BridgetMusic
Rensburg, Dr MeganChemical Pathology
Retief, Dr FrancoisAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Reutener, Dr Marcel
Reuter, Prof HelmuthGeneral Internal Medicine
Rewitzky, Prof IngridMathematics
Reynolds, Dr LindseySociology and Social Anthropology
Rhode, Dr ClintGenetics
Rhode, Sister HilaryFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Richards, Ms NicholaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Richardson, Prof DavidBotany and Zoology
Richter, Ms Elsabe
Rinquest, Dr ElzahnEducation Policy Studies
Rip, Dr DianeFood Science
Rix, Dr ArnoldElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Robertson, Mrs AnnelineNursing and Midwifery
Robertson, Miss RonellSchool of Accountancy
Robertson, Mrs Nina
Robins, Prof StevenSociology and Social Anthropology
Robinson, Prof MaureenCurriculum Studies
Robinson-smythe, Prof TamaraBotany and Zoology
Robyn, Mr PaulElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Rock, Mrs Chrischar
Rodwell, Mr DavidStatistics and Actuarial Science
Roets, Prof FrancoisConservation Ecology and Entomology
Rohwer, Prof JohannBiochemistry
Rohwer, Prof ErichPhysics
Rohwer, Dr Anke
Rohwer, Miss Christa
Roodt, Prof VastiPhilosophy
Roodt-wilding, Prof RouvayGenetics
Roomaney, Dr RizwanaPsychology
Roosenschoon, Mrs BabetteMusic
Rossouw, Mrs MareliSchool of Accountancy
Rossouw, Dr NelmarieRadiodiagnosis
Rossouw, Mr Bosmann
Roth, Ms MaryStatistics and Actuarial Science
Rouillard, Mr BruceEconomics
Roux, Dr DanielEnglish
Roux, Dr AdrianaApplied Mathematics
Roux, Dr Dirk
Roux, Dr GerhardMusic
Roux, Prof AndreUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Roux, Ms Josephine
Roux, Mr Eniele
Roux, Mr Daniël
Roychoudhury, Prof AlakendraEarth Sciences
Roytowski, Dr DavidNeurosurgery
Rozanov, Dr AndreiSoil Science
Rubow, Prof SietskeNuclear Medicine
Ruby, Miss Claire
Rudman, Prof EvaPublic Law
Rudman, Prof RiaanSchool of Accountancy
Ruiters, Mr JohnCurriculum Studies
Rule, Prof PeterCurriculum Studies
Runciman, Dr PhoebeDivision Sport Science
Ruppel, Prof OliverMercantile Law
Rust, Mr Michiel
Saayman, Mr Dawid
Sacks, Prof NatashaIndustrial Engineering
Sadie-van Gijsen, Dr HanelMedical Physiology
Sadiq, Mr HassanStatistics and Actuarial Science
Sahd, Ms Lize-MarieSchool of Accountancy
Salie, Dr KhalidAnimal Sciences
Salie, Mrs MariamPsychology
Sampson, Prof SamanthaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Samuels, Mr AdrianSchool of Accountancy
Sandenbergh, Miss DerinePsychiatry
Sander, Mr Nicholas
Sanders, Prof JeffreyAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Santilli, Mrs LindaPsychiatry
Saruchera, Dr MunyaradziAfrican Centre for Hiv Aids Management in the world of work
Sawadogo, Mr Ousmane
Schaaf, Prof HendrikPaediatrics and Child Health
Schaffer, Dr AlfredAfrikaans and Dutch
Scheepers, Dr GerhardusForest and Wood Science
Scheepers, Miss Chane
Scheffler, Mr OttoMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Scherman, Maj Jean-pierreCentre for Military Studies
Schmutz, Mrs AnnaPhysiotherapy
Schneider, Prof JohannAnatomical Pathology
Schoeman, Prof JohannesPaediatrics and Child Health
Schoeman, Mr JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Schoeman, Ms RachelSchool of Accountancy
Scholtz, Ms HenrietteSchool of Accountancy
Scholtz, Prof FrederikPhysics
Schonken, Mrs ChrystalSchool of Accountancy
Schoombee, Prof GilliamEconomics
Schoonees, Miss Anel
Schoonees, Prof JacobusCivil Engineering
Schoonwinkel, Mr PetrusInformation Science
Schoonwinkel, Mr HammanSchool of Accountancy
Schouw, Dr DarcelleFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Schreve, Prof KristiaanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Schubert, Prof PaweltomaszAnatomical Pathology
Schultz, Miss AnnineCurriculum Studies
Schumann, Prof NinaMusic
Schumann, Dr CorneliaPsychiatry
Schuster, Dr HelmutMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Schuster, Mr DouglasMathematics (Mil)
Schuster, Dr DeliaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Schutte, Prof CorneliusIndustrial Engineering
Schwarz, Prof CaraProcess Engineering
Seabe, Dr DineoEconomics
Searle, Dr ChristaIndustrial Engineering
Sedjro, Prof MarcAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Seedat, Prof SorayaPsychiatry
Segatle, Ms Monkagedi
Sehone, Maj AlfredPhysics (Mil)
Selkirk, Miss RebeccaEconomics
Selomane, Dr OdirilweCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Seobi, Maj RefilweIndustrial Psychology (Mil)
September, Mrs Ezly
Serfontein, Dr JacobUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Serfontein, Dr StephanusFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Setati, Prof MathabathaViticulture and Oenology
Sewram, Prof VikashGlobal Health
Sexton, Mrs NatashaSchool of Accountancy
Seymour, Mr Alistair
Shabodien, Mrs ZulfahGeneral Linguistics
Shaik, Prof AbdoolPaediatric Surgery
Shaik, Miss ZaynabBotany and Zoology
Shead, Dr DanielleAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Sheik Ismail, Mrs ArifaOccupational Therapy
Shepherd, Dr DebraEconomics
Shiba, Mr Rushay
Shires, Dr JuliaPaediatrics and Child Health
Shozi, Miss PrudenceSocial Work
Sibeko, Dr SengeziweObstetrics and Gynaecology
Sigge, Prof GunnarFood Science
Sijadu, Dr ZamekaAfrican Languages
Sikonkwane, Mr KennethMilitary Management
Siljeur, Mr Justin
Silubonde, Miss TikwizaCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Simaika, Dr JohnConservation Ecology and Entomology
Simon, Prof DavidPractical Theology and Missiology
Simon, Dr CarolBotany and Zoology
Simonds, Prof HannahRadiation Oncology
Simonsen, Mr MikkelEnglish
Simpson, Ms Huibrecht
Simpson, Mr Henry
Simpson, Miss Marcel
Simwanda, Mr Lenganji
Sinclair, Prof MarionCivil Engineering
Singels, Mr Luca
Sishi, Dr BalindiwePhysiological Sciences
Skeen, Prof SarahInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Skinstad, Miss DeborahDivision Sport Science
Skosana, Dr BongekileMedical Physiology
Slabber, Miss Johanna
Slabbert, Dr MathildaEnglish
Slabbert, Dr IlzeSocial Work
Slade, Prof BradleyPublic Law
Slattery, Prof PatrickStatistics and Actuarial Science
Slinger, Mr Lucas
Small, Mr Daniel
Smeda, Ms JorinaSchool of Accountancy
Smit, Prof JohannesPhilosophy
Smit, Mrs SybilSchool of Accountancy
Smit, Mr WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Smit, Dr WillemMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Smit, Prof GideonApplied Mathematics
Smit, Dr Inge-marliPsychiatry
Smit, Prof HendrikMilitary Geography
Smit, Dr ElizabethPaediatrics and Child Health
Smit, Prof DerrickOphthalmology
Smit, Dr LizelleLanguage Centre
Smit, Dr ArnoldusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Smit, Mr DewaldBusiness Management
Smith, Prof CarineClinical Pharmacology
Smith, Dr KathrynVisual Arts
Smith, Prof JohanPaediatrics and Child Health
Smith, Mrs LiezlSchool of Accountancy
Smith, Dr AnnaEconomics
Smith, Mr James
Smith, Dr ZandreForensic Medicine
Smith, Dr LiezelMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Smith, Miss Danielle
Smith, Dr EverhardusPsychiatry
Smith, Prof MarkUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Snelgar, Mr OrrinPsychiatry
Snoep, Prof JacobBiochemistry
Snyman, Dr StephanIndustrial Engineering
Snyman, Mr Pieter
Sobahle, Miss Busiswa
Sole, BarryMathematics
Solomon, Mr GoosainBusiness Management
Solomon, Miss Tracey-leeBureau for Economic Research
Solomons, Prof ReganPaediatrics and Child Health
Somers, Dr KeethalGeneral Internal Medicine
Sonnekus, Dr AmbrentiaGeneral Internal Medicine
Southey, Dr PhilipPhysics
Southwood, Prof FrenetteGeneral Linguistics
Spaull, Prof NicholasEconomics
Speelman, Miss JanelMusic
Spies, Dr PetrusUrology
Spies, Dr GeorginaPsychiatry
Spocter, Dr ManfredGeography and Environmental Studies
Spogter, Mr LubabaloAfrican Languages
Springer, Dr PriscillaPaediatrics and Child Health
Stadhouer, Mr Rozaid
Stander, Mrs CornelMathematics
Stansert, Mrs Katzen
Stapar, Dr DusicaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Steadman, Miss JacquiPsychiatry
Steel, Prof SarelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Steenekamp, Dr CindyPolitical Science
Steenkamp, Mr LeonSchool of Accountancy
Steenkamp, Mrs SheneSchool of Accountancy
Steenkamp, Mrs Ilona
Steiner, Prof BarbaraEnglish
Stemmet, Dr JanMilitary History
Stephan, Mr Gideon
Stephens, Mrs Solane
Stevens, Prof RichardMercantile Law
Stevens, Dr GaryEarth Sciences
Steyn, Mrs MeliseMathematics
Steyn, Mr MatthysStatistics and Actuarial Science
Steyn, Mr JohannesBusiness Management
Steyn, Prof ElminSurgery
Steyn, Dr LobkeAnimal Sciences
Stipinovich, Mrs Alexandra
Stokwe, Dr NomakholwaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Stone, Dr WendySoil Science
Storbeck, Dr Karl-HeinzBiochemistry
Strauss, Prof ErickBiochemistry
Strauss, Dr JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Streicher, Dr ElizabethMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Streicher, Mr DirkCivil Engineering
Strever, Dr AlbertViticulture and Oenology
Strijdom, Prof JohannesMedical Physiology
Strydom, Dr MarianneSocial Work
Strydom, Miss HuibrechtSpeech-Language and Hearing Therapy
Strydom, Prof PhillipAnimal Sciences
Strydom, Ms Nicole-ann
Suleman, Miss Rizwaana
Suliman, Dr SharainPsychiatry
Sulon, Mr Darren
Sutherland, Prof PhilippusMercantile Law
Swanepoel, Dr PieterAgronomy
Swanepoel, Dr CarmenHaematological Pathology
Swart, Prof SandraHistory
Swart, Dr HermannPsychology
Swart, Dr HesterObstetrics and Gynaecology
Swart, Miss Mareli
Swartz, Prof LesliePsychology
Swartz, Dr SteveFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Swartz-filies, Dr SylnitaOccupational Therapy
Swigelaar, Dr BjörnForensic Medicine
Swilling, Prof MarkCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Tadie, Dr MargrethProcess Engineering
Tadokera, Dr RebeccaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Talbot, Dr BruceForest and Wood Science
Taljaard, Dr Johannes
Tame, Prof MarkPhysics
Tarisayi, Dr KudzayiCurriculum Studies
Taylor, Dr NinaEconomics (Mil)
Tayob, Dr ShaheedSociology and Social Anthropology
Terblanche, Prof JonathanConservation Ecology and Entomology
Terblanche, Prof ElmarieDivision Sport Science
Terblanche, Dr NickyUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Terblanche-smit, Prof MarlizeUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Terhoven, Mr Quinton
Terreblanche, Mrs CatharinaVisual Arts
Theart, Mrs LomariBusiness Management
Theart, Dr RensuElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Thebe, Dr TselaneRadiation Oncology
Thekiso, Mr RamotlhantswengPolitical Science (Mil)
Theletsane, Ms ModiehiMathematics (Mil)
Theron, Prof EdwinBusiness Management
Theron, Dr CatherinaResearch Development
Theron, Miss Shirah
Theron, Prof GMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Thesnaar, Prof ChristoffelPractical Theology and Missiology
Thiart, Mrs CaraSchool of Accountancy
Thiart, Dr MariOrthopaedic Surgery
Thipe, Ms Thuto
Thomas, Dr KylieEnglish
Thomas, Dr VijuObstetrics and Gynaecology
Thomas, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Thomas, Dr AngelinePaediatrics and Child Health
Thumbiran, Mr KiveshanVisual Arts
Thyssen, AshwinSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Tiamiyu, Mr Nurayn
Tijssen, Prof RobertCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Tilley, Mr ClementEconomics
Titshall, Dr Louis
Titus, Mr AdnilPhysiotherapy
Tod, Dr BiancaDermatology
Toefy, Mr SerajUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Toerien, Ms LuceaBusiness Management
Tolken, Mrs Angela
Tollon, Mr Fabio
Tomas, Dr AntonioSociology and Social Anthropology
Tomas, Dr AntonioSociology and Social Anthropology
Tombido, Dr LocadiaIndustrial Engineering
Touchette, Prof HugoApplied Mathematics
Towfie, Ms SaabierahPsychiatry
Traub, Ms LulamaAgricultural Economics
Trauernicht, Dr Christoph
Treptow, Mr ReinholdCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Treurnicht, Miss MariaIndustrial Engineering
Trinchero, Mr PieroMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Tromp, Prof GerardusMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Truter, Ms Christine
Tshabalala, Mr Jefferson
Tshililo, Dr NdivhuwoMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Tshokotsha, Mr MvuyisiMathematics (Mil)
Tshuma, Dr NompiloCurriculum Studies
Tsige, Dr AlemayehuHorticultural Science
Tucker, Dr RyanEarth Sciences
Tucker, Prof WilliamComputer Science
Tyhoda, Dr LuvuyoForest and Wood Science
Ullrich, Dr Calvin
Unger, Dr MariannePhysiotherapy
Utete, Dr SimukaiAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Uys, Prof DanielStatistics and Actuarial Science
Uys, Mr RoelofNautical Science (Mil)
Uys, Dr RonellePaediatrics and Child Health
Uys, Mrs Hester
Van Asch, Dr BarbaraGenetics
Van Daalen, Dr CorneElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Van De Vyver, Dr MariClinical Pharmacology
Van Den Berg, Miss Renee
Van Den Berg, Ms ElzieForest and Wood Science
Van Den Brink, Miss Jessica
Van Den Heuvel, Dr LeighPsychiatry
Van Den Worm, Mrs Mariétta
Van Der Ahee, Mrs GloudiSchool of Accountancy
Van Der Bank, Mr FrancoisIndustrial Psychology
Van Der Berg, Prof ServaasEconomics
Van Der Berg-ross, Mrs AshleneSchool of Public Leadership
Van Der Does, Dr AlbertineFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Van Der Linde, Dr DelanoPublic Law
Van Der Merwe, Dr AndréIndustrial Engineering
Van Der Merwe, Prof AlettaGenetics
Van Der Merwe, Prof ChristiaanAncient Studies
Van Der Merwe, Dr AndreUrology
Van Der Merwe, Dr SchalkDrama
Van Der Merwe, Prof AndriesComputer Science
Van Der Merwe, Ms Kristin
Van Der Merwe, Dr JacobusObstetrics and Gynaecology
Van Der Merwe, Dr ChristinaPsychiatry
Van Der Merwe, Mr JustinCentre for Military Studies
Van Der Merwe, Mr DanielAccounting (Mil) and Auditing (Mil)
Van Der Merwe, Dr JohanMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Der Merwe, Dr CarelStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Der Merwe, Dr Nicole
Van Der Merwe, Mr LouisCurriculum Studies
Van Der Merwe, Mrs Ilse
Van Der Merwe, Miss JacominaLogistics
Van Der Merwe, Mr Ragnar
Van Der Merwe, Miss Kanja
Van Der Merwe, Dr MelissaAgricultural Economics
Van Der Merwe, Miss Izel
Van Der Poll, Mr RyanPsychology
Van Der Rede, Dr LaurenEnglish
Van Der Schyf, Mr ArnoldSchool of Accountancy
Van Der Spuy, Mr PieterSchool of Accountancy
Van Der Spuy, Prof SybrandMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Der Spuy, Prof GianMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Van Der Spuy, Prof PierreCivil Engineering
Van Der Ventel, Prof BrandonPhysics
Van Der Waag, Prof IanMilitary History
Van Der Wal, Dr RuurdVisual Arts
Van Der Wath, Mr WillemBureau for Economic Research
Van Der Watt, Dr LouisMusic
Van Der Watt, Ms MarikeAfrikaans and Dutch
Van Der Westhuizen, Prof JohannesPolitical Science
Van Der Westhuizen, Mr CorneliusGenetics
Van Der Zalm, Dr MariekeDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Van Deventer, Mr Johann
Van Diemel, Dr Raymond
Van Eck, Lt Col HanoMilitary Technology
Van Eeden, Dr JoubertIndustrial Engineering
Van Gensen, Miss LayckanMercantile Law
Van Heerden, Prof LindaSchool of Accountancy
Van Heerden, Dr OscarPolitical Science (Mil)
Van Heerden, Miss Jana
Van Helden, Prof PaulMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Van Huyssteen, Mrs CecileSocial Work
Van Lill, Dr MilandreCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Van Louw, Dr TrevorCentre for Pedagogy
Van Niekerk, Prof AdriaanGeography and Environmental Studies
Van Niekerk, Prof AntonPhilosophy
Van Niekerk, Dr EvetteHuman Nutrition
Van Niekerk, Dr DavidBiochemistry
Van Niekerk, Prof LanaOccupational Therapy
Van Niekerk, Mrs AnjaSchool of Accountancy
Van Niekerk, Miss FrancescaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Niekerk, Miss Lani
Van Niekerk, Dr FrancoisMathematics
Van Niekerk, Prof Tryna
Van Noort, Prof GerardFood Science
Van Otterlo, Prof WillemChemistry and Polymer Science
Van Reenen, Prof AlbertChemistry and Polymer Science
Van Reenen, Dr Michelle
Van Reenen, Mr Christoffel
Van Rensburg, Mr JohannLogistics
Van Rensburg, Dr EugeneProcess Engineering
Van Rensburg, Mr Hendre
Van Robbroeck, Prof LizeVisual Arts
Van Rooyen, Dr Gert
Van Rooyen, Dr AlgurnonCivil Engineering
Van Rooyen, Ms MelodyMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Van Schalkwyk, Prof ChristiaanSchool of Accountancy
Van Schalkwyk, Mrs CatherinaDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Van Schalkwyk, Dr Marije
Van Schalkwyk, Prof SusanCentre for Health Professions Education
Van Schalkwyk, Mrs TalitaNursing and Midwifery
Van Schalkwyk, Mr OrlandoSchool of Accountancy
Van Schoor, Mr MeltEconomics
Van Tiddens, Miss Clara
Van Toorn, Prof RonaldPaediatrics and Child Health
Van Velden, Mr Rocco
Van Vuuren, Dr DerickMedical Physiology
Van Vuuren, Prof JanIndustrial Engineering
Van Wilgen, Prof BrianDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology (CIB)
Van Wyk, Mrs DanielleSchool of Accountancy
Van Wyk, Prof LeonMathematics
Van Wyk, Mr AndriesProcess Engineering
Van Wyk, Dr JohanChemical Pathology
Van Wyk, Dr BenBusiness Management Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Van Wyk, Ms JanaSchool of Accountancy
Van Wyk, Dr Susanna
Van Wyk, Mrs NadiaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Wyk, Prof IlanaSociology and Social Anthropology
Van Wyk, Miss RenskeSchool of Accountancy
Van Wyk, Mr Salomon
Van Wyk, Ms Elizabeth
Van Wyk, Dr GavinGeneral Internal Medicine
Van Wyk, Dr LizellePaediatrics and Child Health
Van Wyk, Ms Pauli
Van Wyngaard, Miss Rosan
Van Zijl, Prof GideonCivil Engineering
Van Zijl, Prof LynetteComputer Science
Van Zyl, Ms AnriaSchool of Accountancy
Van Zyl, Mrs NatalieStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Zyl, Prof WillemMicrobiology
Van Zyl, Dr JohannesPhysics
Van Zyl, Prof JohannClinical Pharmacology
Van Zyl, Dr JohanAnimal Sciences
Van Zyl, Prof GertMedical Virology
Van Zyl, Ms SuneSchool of Public Leadership
Van Zyl, Dr AdriAnatomical Pathology
Van Zyl, Mr DirkStatistics and Actuarial Science
Van Zyl, Dr HendrikOrthopaedic Surgery
Varrie, Mr Vincent
Vencencie, Mrs MeganPsychology
Venter, Mrs ChanelBusiness Management
Venter, Prof GerhardusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Venter, Prof RachelDivision Sport Science
Venter, Mr EdwardStatistics and Actuarial Science
Venter, Dr LieschenLogistics
Venter, Dr MartinMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Venter, Ms TalithaViticulture and Oenology
Venter, Mr StephenAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Venter, Dr RudolphClinical Anatomy
Venter, Dr CarinaMusic
Venter, Mr Adam
Venter, Mrs Antoinette
Verhoog, Dr NicoletteBiochemistry
Vermaak, Dr CandaceDivision Sport Science
Vermeulen, Ms MariseSchool of Accountancy
Vermeulen, Prof HendrikElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Versfeld, Prof DanielElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Verster, Dr GerritPsychiatry
Verster, Dr JanetteForensic Medicine
Victor, Prof ThomasMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Victor, Dr AnnaSurgery
Viljoen, Prof EstellaVisual Arts
Viljoen, Prof AlbertusPlant Pathology
Viljoen, Prof CelesteCivil Engineering
Viljoen, Dr AbrahamGeneral Internal Medicine
Viljoen, Dr JacobusFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Viljoen, Mrs CharneAgronomy
Viljoen, Dr RuanPhysics
Viljoen-Bloom, Prof MarindaMicrobiology
Visagie, Prof StephanusLogistics
Visagie, Dr LourensElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Visagie, Prof AndriesAfrikaans and Dutch
Visser, Mrs JanickeHuman Nutrition
Visser, Prof MariannaAfrican Languages
Visser, Prof WesselHistory
Visser, Mr AlwynSchool of Accountancy
Visser, Prof GustavGeography and Environmental Studies
Visser, Dr Marianne
Visser, Prof LindaOphthalmology
Vivier, Prof MelaneViticulture and Oenology
Viviers, Prof SuzetteBusiness Management
Vlok, Dr AbrahamBusiness Management
Vlok, Dr SusannaRadiation Oncology
Voges, Dr JuanéPsychiatry
Vollenhoven, Dr MellisaFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Volmink, Prof James
Volschenk, Dr JakobusUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Volschenk, Dr HeinrichMicrobiology
Volschenk, Miss Mariette
Von Bergmann, Prof HubertusPhysics
Von Fintel, Dr DieterEconomics
Von Leipzig, Mr KonradIndustrial Engineering
Von Maltzan, Prof CarlottaModern Foreign Languages
Von Wielligh, Prof SimonSchool of Accountancy
Vos, Dr StephanieMusic
Vosloo, Prof RobertSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Vosloo, Dr MariaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Vrey, Prof FrancoisStrategic Studies (Mil)
Vundle, Dr ZiyandaHealth Systems and Public Health
Waddell, Dr JoyCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Wadee, Prof ShabbirForensic Medicine
Wademan, Mr Dillon
Waghid, Prof YusefEducation Policy Studies
Wagner, Dr LeighFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Wahab, Ms SadiyahSchool of Accountancy
Walker, Prof CherrylSociology and Social Anthropology
Walls, Prof RichardCivil Engineering
Walters, Dr ElisabettaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Walters, Dr Cyrill
Walters, Mr AshleyVisual Arts
Walters, Dr HandriSociology and Social Anthropology
Walzl, Prof GerhardMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wamono-smallbone, Dr AyeChemical Pathology
Wang, Prof RongjieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Wareham, Dr Christopher
Warnich, Prof Louisa
Warren, Prof RobinMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Warren, Prof BrianSurgery
Warwick, Prof JamesNuclear Medicine
Watermeyer, Dr BrianCentre for Rehabilitation Studies
Waters, Mr Danial
Watson, Prof BruceInformation Science
Watts, Mrs Magdalena
Weber, Prof ShantellePractical Theology and Missiology
Weber, Ms RuthSchool of Accountancy
Weich, Dr ElizabethPsychiatry
Weideman, Prof JacobApplied Mathematics
Weideman, Ms Rina-mari
Weigel, Prof HerbertPhysics
Weinand, Dr FredrickHealth Systems and Public Health
Welman, Dr KarenDivision Sport Science
Welman, Dr LesleyMilitary Geography
Welte, Prof AlexDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Wepener, Prof CasparusPractical Theology and Missiology
Wepener, Mr Terrence
Wereszczynski, Dr AleksanderAncient Studies
Wesselo, Ms Jessica
Wessels, Prof CoenraadForest and Wood Science
Wessels, Dr AlbertusPrivate Law
Wessels, Dr LesleyMathematics
Wessels, Miss Laura
Wesso, Mr Chad
Wesson, Prof NicoleneUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Westdyk, Mrs Dimitra
Weyl, Dr Olaf
White, Dr PeterPractical Theology and Missiology
Whitelaw, Prof AndrewMedical Microbiology
Wiegman, Ms NitaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Wiesener, Mrs MarykeSchool of Accountancy
Wiid, Prof IanMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wild, Prof MarcelMathematics
Wildschut, Dr LaurenCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Wildschut, Ms GlendaNursing and Midwifery
Wilkinson, Dr EduanSchool for Data Science and Computational Thinking
Willemse, Miss LodeneCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Williams, Ms LeonePhysiotherapy
Williams, Dr PaulFood Science
Williams, Mr Llewellyn
Williams, Mrs Fareya
Williams, Dr SamanthaGeography and Environmental Studies
Williams, Mr ElvinOccupational Therapy
Williams-elegbe, Prof SopeMercantile Law
Williamson, Prof Anna-lise
Windvogel, Dr ShantalMedical Physiology
Winkler-titus, Dr NatashaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Wium, Prof JanCivil Engineering
Wium, Mrs Hermien
Wlokas, Ms HolleSchool of Public Leadership
Wolfaardt, Prof GideonMicrobiology
Wolhuter, Dr RiaanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Wooldridge, Mr Johnathan
Wossler, Prof TheresaBotany and Zoology
Wyngaardt, Prof ShaunPhysics
Xamlashe, Mrs SibongileAfrican Languages
Xeketwana, Dr AndreasCurriculum Studies
Yalala, Ms SefelaAfrican Languages
Yolwa, Miss AmandaAfrican Languages
Young, Dr PhilipInstitute for Wine Biotechnology
Young, Prof Taryn
Young, Dr CornelleNursing and Midwifery
Zaharie, Dr StefanAnatomical Pathology
Zandberg, Mrs Candice
Zöllner, Prof EkkehardPaediatrics and Child Health
Zeier, Dr MicheledesireGeneral Internal Medicine
Zemlin, Prof AnnaliseChemical Pathology
Zeranka, Dr StephanApplied Mathematics
Zerihun, Dr Mulatu
Zimba, Dr ZiboneleSocial Work
Zimri, Mr Mcniel
Zincume, Mr PhilaniIndustrial Engineering
Zingitwa, Miss BusiswaAfrican Languages
Zininga, Dr TawandaBiochemistry
Zondo, Ms SihleSchool of Accountancy
Zurnamer, Mr Louis
Zweig, Mrs PatriciaResearch Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction