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Calitz, Mrs JohannaSchool of Accountancy
Callaghan, Ms NinaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Campa, Dr ManuelaGenetics
Carolus, Ms GabrielaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Carolus, Mr TimothyAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Carr, Prof JonathanNeurology
Carstens, Dr MicheleUniversity of Stellenbosch Water Institute
Carstens, Dr RiëtteBusiness Management
Cass, Mrs Rika-jean
Cassiem, Mr TariqSchool of Accountancy
Cassim, Dr FarzanaUrology
Cezula, Dr NtozakheOld and New Testament
Chabaya, Ms Blessing
Chambers, Mrs LynnCurriculum Studies
Chapanduka, Dr ZivanaiHaematological Pathology
Chapman, Dr Lloyd
Charilaou, Dr JohanOrthopaedic Surgery
Chauke, Miss Tintswalo
Chegou, Prof NovelMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Chellan, Dr PrinessaChemistry and Polymer Science
Cherry, Prof MichaelBotany and Zoology
Chetty, Prof SeanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Chetty, Dr SuryakanthieHistory
Chibanda, Miss Rutendo
Chibawara, Mr TrustDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Chibaya, Mr NyashaSocial Work
Chidamwoyo, Mr Kudzai
Chideya, Ms YeukaiInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Chikte, Prof UsufGlobal Health
Chimphango, Prof AnnieProcess Engineering
Chingwena, Miss MacylnElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Chinhengo, Dr Angela
Chiwayu, Miss BettyEconomics
Cho, Dr Seung
Chothia, Dr Mogamat-yaziedGeneral Internal Medicine
Chow, Dr ReynoldEarth Sciences
Chowney, Miss Zoë
Chu, Prof KathrynCentre for Global Surgery
Cilliers, Ms HendrikaStatistics and Actuarial Science
Cilliers, Dr CelesteAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Cilliers, Dr Judy-ann
Cilliers, Mr Jacques
Claassen, Mrs PetraSchool of Accountancy
Clarke, Prof CatherineSoil Science
Clarke, Miss CharleneNursing and Midwifery
Clements, Dr HayleyCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Cleophas, Dr FrancoisDivision Sport Science
Clift, Miss Claire
Cloete, Prof AnitaPractical Theology and Missiology
Cloete, Prof LizahnOccupational Therapy
Cloete, Dr AlreseObstetrics and Gynaecology
Cloete, Prof JohannesElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Cloete, Dr MaretApplied Mathematics
Cloete, Dr NicolaasCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Clover, Mr RobertStatistics and Actuarial Science
Clusella-trullas, Prof SusanaBotany and Zoology
Coertzen, Prof PieterSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Coetsee, Miss Carmen
Coetzee, Prof JuanaMercantile Law
Coetzee, Prof CorneliusMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Coetzee, Dr Ankia
Coetzee, Prof JohanAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Dr BronwynePsychology
Coetzee, Dr Dirk-francoisAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Coetzee, Dr FrancoisFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Coetzee, Miss Anneri
Coetzee, Mrs Charisse
Coetzee, Dr CliveEconomics (Mil)
Coetzer, Dr JohannesApplied Mathematics
Coetzer, Mr Kurt
Cois, Dr AnnibaleHealth Systems and Public Health
Collington-o'malley, Ms Tessa
Collins, Mrs FredlienSocial Work
Combrinck, Dr RiaanCivil Engineering
Combrink, Dr NicolaasAgronomy
Combrink, Prof HansOld and New Testament
Conradie, Ms ShaneenSchool of Accountancy
Conradie, Prof WillemStatistics and Actuarial Science
Conradie, Dr WilhelminaSurgery
Conradie, Dr KarlienEducational Psychology
Conradie, Miss DaleenPhysiological Sciences
Conradie, Mr Wynand
Conradie, Ms Tara
Conradie-smit, Dr Marli
Coovadia, Dr MohamedPsychiatry
Corfield, Prof ValerieMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Cornelissen, Prof ScarlettPolitical Science
Cornelius, Prof IzakAncient Studies
Correia, Ms JanineClinical Anatomy
Corubolo, Mr DavyStatistics and Actuarial Science
Costandius, Prof ElmarieVisual Arts
Cotterill, Dr FentonBiochemistry
Cotton, Prof MarkPaediatrics and Child Health
Couper, Prof Ian
Couper, Mrs Jacqueline
Cox, Dr Vivian
Coxon, Mr MartinStatistics and Actuarial Science
Cripwell, Dr JamieProcess Engineering
Croeser, Ms Chantelle
Cronje, Prof JohannesSocial Work
Crook, Ms Amber
Crouch, Dr ElkeHorticultural Science
Croukamp, Mr LeonCivil Engineering
Crous, Mr PieterApplied Mathematics
Crowley, Dr TalithaNursing and Midwifery
Crowther, Mr Jonathan
Croxford, Mr Kegan
Cupido, Mr LlewellynMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering