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Fagg, Ms Courtney
Fairhurst, Ms MelanieLanguage Centre
Fani, Miss Owami
Fanta, Dr AshenafiUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Fataar, Dr MogamadEducation Policy Studies
Fataar, Mrs HumairaCivil Engineering
Faustmann, Mr Alexander
Fawole, Dr OlaniyiHorticultural Science
Fayo, Mr Xola
Fazel, Dr FatimaGeneral Internal Medicine
Fölscher Kingwill, Mrs Maria
February, Ms Tamlyn
Feenstra, Ms CarlaEducational Psychology
Feinauer, Prof AnnaAfrikaans and Dutch
Feldman, Dr JenniferEducation Policy Studies
Felix, Mrs RehannaNursing and Midwifery
Fell, Miss BrittanyPhysiotherapy
Ferguson, Mr Alistair
Fernandez, Dr PedroUrology
Ferreira, Mrs Lynnette
Ferreira, Prof NandoOrthopaedic Surgery
Ferreira, Mr Rikus
Ferris, Prof WilliamClinical Pharmacology
Fey, Prof MartinSoil Science
Fietz, Dr SusanneEarth Sciences
Filies, Ms Kim
Finlayson, Dr HeatherPaediatrics and Child Health
Finnemore, Ms JosaneSocial Work
Firfiray, Dr LatifaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Fischer, Prof BerndComputer Science
Fischer, Mr Joshua
Fish, Dr Therese
Fisher, Dr CallenElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Fisher, Mr DominicPhysiotherapy
Fisher, Miss Jordyn
Flemming, Dr AlexanderBotany and Zoology
Flores Quiroz, Miss Natalia
Foley, Ms RobynCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Fontaine, Dr Yolandi-eloiseIndustrial Psychology (Mil)
Foord, Prof StefanBotany and Zoology
Forbes, Miss Meredith
Forgan, Dr TimothySurgery
Forster, Prof DionSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Fortuin, Miss GailSchool of Accountancy
Foster, Ms PetronellaAfrikaans and Dutch
Fourie, Prof PieterPolitical Science
Fourie, Prof JohanEconomics
Fourie, Prof CoenradElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Fourie, Dr Johannes
Fourie, Prof CorneliusIndustrial Engineering
Fourie, Mr Hendrik
Fourie, Dr BarendPaediatrics and Child Health
Fourie, Mr ChadEconomics
Fourie, Ms Anja
Fourie, Ms Jean
Fourie, Mrs HelanyaBureau for Economic Research
Fourie, Miss LerissaSchool of Public Leadership
Fourie, Mr Jack
Fox-martin, Miss Amber
Francis, Prof DennisSociology and Social Anthropology
Franken, Prof DanielObstetrics and Gynaecology
Fransch, Dr ChetHistory
Fransman, Ms Viola
Fredericks, Mr JeromeOccupational Therapy
Fredericks, Dr Ernst
Fredericks, Ms NicoletteHuman Nutrition
Freiboth, Mr HeinrichLogistics
Froli, Mrs ClaroSocial Work