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Haas, Prof TrevorCivil Engineering
Hagan, Mr SybrandPsychology
Hale, Prof NicholasApplied Mathematics
Hall, Prof DavidObstetrics and Gynaecology
Hall, Dr SusanPhilosophy
Hall, Miss Tessa
Halsall, Ms TarrynCurriculum Studies
Hamann, Dr MaikeSchool of Public Leadership
Hamann, Dr MaikeCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Hamilton, Dr PatriciaSociology and Social Anthropology
Hanekom, Prof SusanPhysiotherapy
Hanekom, Mr Dawid
Hanekom, Mr Jandre
Hans, Mrs TanehaMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hansen, Mrs Anthea
Hardie-pieters, Dr AilsaSoil Science
Haroldt, Mrs HanlieComputer Science
Harris, Dr DavidCardiothoracic Surgery
Harry-nana, Mrs Poonam
Hartmann, Ms JulietteLanguage Centre
Hattingh, Prof Barend
Hawkridge, Dr SusanPsychiatry
Haynes, Prof DeliaChemistry and Polymer Science
Hayward, Dr StefanFood Science
Heard, Ms Janet
Hector, Mr MichaelPolitical Science
Heinecken, Prof LynnetteSociology and Social Anthropology
Heiss, Prof WalterPhysics
Hemmings, Prof SianPsychiatry
Hendricks, Ms MelanyPsychiatry
Hendricks, Mr JohannCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Hendricks, Ms Adrienne
Hendricks, Miss LynnHealth Systems and Public Health
Hendricks, Dr NicoleAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Hendrikse, Mrs ChanelléPsychiatry
Henney, Mr LyndonSchool of Accountancy
Henrico, Dr Susanna
Henrico, Dr IvanMilitary Geography
Henry, Ms Junita
Heradien, Mr Cecil
Hess, Miss LezaanGenetics
Hesseling, Prof AnnekeDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Heunis, Dr MagdaRadiation Oncology
Heymann, Dr RethaMathematics
Heyn, Dr RenéEarth Sciences
Hill, Dr LloydSociology and Social Anthropology
Hille, Prof JohannesjanAnatomical Pathology
Hills, Dr PaulInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Hlazo, Dr Noluthando
Hoefnagel, Dr MichaelMathematics
Hoffman, Dr JosiasSoil Science
Hoffmann, Dr WillemAgricultural Economics
Hoffmann, Prof JaapMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Hoffmann, Dr RenaMedical Microbiology
Hoffmann, Dr MarizaChemical Pathology
Hofmann, Dr Flora
Hofmeyr, Mrs ZoettjeDrama
Hofmeyr, Dr DavidStatistics and Actuarial Science
Hohbach, Miss Annika
Holgate, Dr SandiPaediatrics and Child Health
Hollander, Dr HyltonEconomics
Hollander, Ms Sonja
Horak, Ms NataschaPsychiatry
Horn, Dr AlettaCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Horn, Ms Shade
Horrell, Ms Zanne
Horsten, Dr DebraPrivate Law
Howard, Mrs Elise
Howell, Prof Karin-thereseMathematics
Howie, Prof Sarah
Huddlestone, Dr KathleenGeneral Linguistics
Hugo, Dr DanielOrthopaedic Surgery
Hugo, Mr Philippus
Hui, Prof CangMathematics
Human, Prof CorneliaPrivate Law
Human, Mrs MelanieSocial Work
Human, Prof GertBusiness Management
Human-van Eck, Ms DebbieBusiness Management
Hunt, Dr XantheInstitute for Life Course Health Research
Hyman, Mr Josua