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Padayachy, Miss ShivaniSchool of Accountancy
Page, Dr DanielIndustrial Engineering
Page, Dr CarineClinical Pharmacology
Painter, Prof DesmondPsychology
Palm, Dr SelinaBureau for continuing Theological Education and Research
Pappin, Dr Michele
Paris, Dr GeraldRadiation Oncology
Parker, Dr NoorPaediatrics and Child Health
Parker, Dr LorienSocial Work
Parker, Dr Arifa
Pasch, Prof HaroldChemistry and Polymer Science
Pasche, Dr Sonja
Patterson, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Patterton, Prof Hugh-george
Paulse, Miss JulietCurriculum Studies
Pauw, Prof CharlBotany and Zoology
Pauw, Prof ChristoffPractical Theology and Missiology
Payne, Dr AntheaPsychiatry
Pearce, Mr James
Pearson, Ms Kelly
Pecoraro, Dr AlfonsoCardiology
Pedro, Mrs MarnéCurriculum Studies
Peer, Dr NasreenBotany and Zoology
Pefile, Mr NtsikeleloPhysiotherapy
Pegado, Miss BrigitteEconomics
Pentz, Prof ChristianBusiness Management
Penxa-matholeni, Rev NobontuPractical Theology and Missiology
Perold, Prof WillemElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Peters, Dr ShaunInstitute for Plant Biotechnology
Petersen, Dr DesireeMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Pfukwa, Dr RuebenChemistry and Polymer Science
Phahladira, Dr LebogangPsychiatry
Pharoah, Mrs RobynResearch Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction
Phenyane, Miss NondumisoPublic Law
Phimister, Prof EuanUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Phimister, Prof EuanUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Phiri, Dr EthelAgronomy
Pienaar, Prof JuanitaPrivate Law
Pienaar, Mr HugoBureau for Economic Research
Pienaar, Mr Roelf
Pienaar, Mr Etienne
Pienaar, Dr ColetteMedical Microbiology
Pienaar, Dr Jacques
Pieterse, Dr ElsjeAnimal Sciences
Pieterse, Dr PetrusAgronomy
Pieterse, Dr WelmaConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pillay, Prof PregalaSchool of Public Leadership
Pillay, Prof VisvanathanProcess Engineering
Pillay, Dr RenildaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Pillay, Mr Anthony
Pillay, Mr Thagaraja
Pina, Mr RalphIT Institutional Software Solutions
Pistor, Miss MarissaSocial Work
Pitcher, Prof RichardRadiodiagnosis
Plaatjes, Mr Quinton
Plastow, Prof NicolaOccupational Therapy
Poblete, Dr CarlosViticulture and Oenology
Posthumus, Miss Cassandra
Potgieter, Dr LinkeLogistics
Potgieter, Prof TheodorusCentre for Military Studies
Potocnik, Prof FelixPsychiatry
Pott, Prof RobertProcess Engineering
Poulo, Mr LebekoAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Praeg, Dr Leonard
Prah, Dr EfuaSociology and Social Anthropology
Prasad, Mrs Renuka
Preiser, Prof WolfgangMedical Virology
Pretorius, Dr MareliDrama
Pretorius, Dr ChrismaPsychology
Pretorius, Dr CarlaChemistry and Polymer Science
Pretorius, Dr JohannesMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Pretorius, Dr ReneChemistry and Polymer Science
Pretorius, Prof EtheresiaPhysiological Sciences
Pretoruis, Dr Johan
Pringle, Dr KennethConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pringle, Ms CatherineCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Prinsloo, Mr Jacobus
Prior, Prof Bernard
Prozesky, Prof HeidiCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Prozesky, Dr Hans
Pryke, Prof JamesConservation Ecology and Entomology
Pullen, Ms Michelle
Pulliam, Prof JulietDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Punt, Prof JeremiaOld and New Testament
Punt, Dr CeciliaAgricultural Economics
Purchase, Mr Michael
Putter, Dr Andries