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Raath, Dr Pieter
Rabe, Prof LizetteJournalism
Rabenantoandro, Dr AndryMathematics
Rabie, Prof HelenaPaediatrics and Child Health
Raboho, Mr Ndamulelo
Rademeyer, Mr Johann
Raffrenato, Dr EmilianoAnimal Sciences
Rainsford, Mr IanDivision Sport Science
Ralaivaosaona, Dr DimbinainaMathematics
Rallabandi, Dr PavanGeneral Internal Medicine
Ramages, Mr GeorgeSchool of Accountancy
Rambau, Dr RamugondoBotany and Zoology
Rambharose, Dr SanjeevPhysiological Sciences
Ramokgadi, Dr ShadrackCentre for Military Studies
Rampf, Dr NadineClinical Anatomy
Rasolofoson, Dr FaraniainaAfrican Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Ratele, Prof RobertPsychology
Raubenheimer, Prof HelgardChemistry and Polymer Science
Rautenbach, Prof MarinaBiochemistry
Rautenbach, Prof WillemPhysics
Razack, Dr RubinaAnatomical Pathology
Reddy, Prof ChrisopherCurriculum Studies
Reddy, Dr KessendriMedical Microbiology
Redelinghuys, Mr Louw
Redfern, Dr AndrewPaediatrics and Child Health
Reid, Dr Monique
Rennie-salonen, Dr BridgetMusic
Rensburg, Dr MeganChemical Pathology
Retief, Dr FrancoisAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Reutener, Dr Marcel
Reuter, Prof Hanno
Reuter, Prof HelmuthGeneral Internal Medicine
Revington, Dr Marietjie
Rewitzky, Prof IngridMathematics
Reynolds, Dr LindseySociology and Social Anthropology
Rhode, Dr ClintGenetics
Rhode, Sister HilaryFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Richards, Ms NicholaCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Richardson, Prof DavidBotany and Zoology
Richter, Prof WernerPhysics
Rinquest, Dr ElzahnEducation Policy Studies
Rip, Dr DianeFood Science
Rix, Dr ArnoldElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Roberths, Miss Tamlynn
Robertson, Mrs AnnelineNursing and Midwifery
Robertson, Miss RonellSchool of Accountancy
Robertson, Mrs Nina
Robins, Prof StevenSociology and Social Anthropology
Robinson, Prof MaureenCurriculum Studies
Robinson-smythe, Prof TamaraBotany and Zoology
Robyn, Mr PaulElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Rock, Mrs Chrischar
Rodwell, Mr DavidStatistics and Actuarial Science
Roets, Prof FrancoisConservation Ecology and Entomology
Rohwer, Prof JohannBiochemistry
Rohwer, Prof ErichPhysics
Rohwer, Dr Anke
Rohwer, Dr CarlMathematics
Rohwer, Miss Christa
Rontsch, Ms Claire
Roodt, Prof VastiPhilosophy
Roodt, Dr Louis
Roodt-wilding, Prof RouvayGenetics
Roomaney, Dr RizwanaPsychology
Roosenschoon, Prof Hans
Roosenschoon, Mrs BabetteMusic
Rossouw, Mrs MareliSchool of Accountancy
Rossouw, Miss Natasha
Rossouw, Dr NelmarieRadiodiagnosis
Roth, Ms MaryStatistics and Actuarial Science
Rouillard, Mr BruceEconomics
Roux, Dr DanielEnglish
Roux, Dr AdrianaApplied Mathematics
Roux, Dr Dirk
Roux, Dr GerhardMusic
Roux, Prof AndreUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Roux, Dr Shayne
Roux, Dr Lee-anne
Roychoudhury, Prof AlakendraEarth Sciences
Roytowski, Dr DavidNeurosurgery
Rozanov, Dr AndreiSoil Science
Rubow, Prof SietskeNuclear Medicine
Ruby, Miss Claire
Rudman, Prof EvaPublic Law
Rudman, Prof RiaanSchool of Accountancy
Ruiters, Mr JohnCurriculum Studies
Rule, Prof PeterCurriculum Studies
Runciman, Dr PhoebeDivision Sport Science
Ruppel, Prof OliverMercantile Law
Rust, Mr Michiel
Rypstra, Prof Tiemen