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Tadie, Dr MargrethProcess Engineering
Tadokera, Dr RebeccaMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Talbot, Dr BruceForest and Wood Science
Taljaard, Dr Johannes
Tame, Prof MarkPhysics
Tanui, Mr Hillary
Tarisayi, Dr KudzayiCurriculum Studies
Taylor, Dr NinaEconomics (Mil)
Tayob, Dr ShaheedSociology and Social Anthropology
Terblanche, Prof JonathanConservation Ecology and Entomology
Terblanche, Prof ElmarieDivision Sport Science
Terblanche, Dr NickyUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Terblanche-smit, Prof MarlizeUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Terreblanche, Mrs CatharinaVisual Arts
Theart, Mrs LomariBusiness Management
Theart, Dr RensuElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Thebe, Dr TselaneRadiation Oncology
Thekiso, Mr RamotlhantswengPolitical Science (Mil)
Theletsane, Ms ModiehiMathematics (Mil)
Theron, Prof KarenHorticultural Science
Theron, Prof EdwinBusiness Management
Theron, Dr CatherinaResearch Development
Theron, Miss Shirah
Theron, Prof GMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Theron, Dr Bruce
Theron-wepener, Dr MarieUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Thesnaar, Prof ChristoffelPractical Theology and Missiology
Thiart, Mrs CaraSchool of Accountancy
Thiart, Dr MariOrthopaedic Surgery
Thirion, Ms Melanie
Thomas, Dr KylieEnglish
Thomas, Dr VijuObstetrics and Gynaecology
Thomas, Mrs MariSchool of Accountancy
Thomas, Dr AngelinePaediatrics and Child Health
Thumbiran, Mr KiveshanVisual Arts
Thwaits, Mr Dylan
Thyssen, AshwinSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology
Tiamiyu, Mr Nurayn
Tijssen, Prof RobertCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Tilley, Mr ClementEconomics
Titshall, Dr Louis
Titus, Mr AdnilPhysiotherapy
Tod, Dr BiancaDermatology
Toefy, Mr SerajUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Toerien, Ms LuceaBusiness Management
Tolken, Mrs Angela
Tomas, Dr AntonioSociology and Social Anthropology
Tomas, Dr AntonioSociology and Social Anthropology
Tombido, Dr LocadiaIndustrial Engineering
Touchette, Prof HugoApplied Mathematics
Towfie, Ms SaabierahPsychiatry
Traub, Ms LulamaAgricultural Economics
Trauernicht, Dr Christoph
Treptow, Mr ReinholdCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Treurnicht, Miss MariaIndustrial Engineering
Trinchero, Mr PieroMechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
Tromp, Prof GerardusMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Truter, Ms Christine
Tshililo, Dr NdivhuwoMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Tshokotsha, Mr MvuyisiMathematics (Mil)
Tshuma, Dr NompiloCurriculum Studies
Tshuma, Mr Flackson
Tsige, Dr AlemayehuHorticultural Science
Tsoni, Ms Thembakazi
Tucker, Dr RyanEarth Sciences
Tucker, Prof WilliamComputer Science
Tyhoda, Dr LuvuyoForest and Wood Science