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Waddell, Dr JoyCentre for Sustainability Transitions
Wadee, Prof ShabbirForensic Medicine
Wademan, Mr Dillon
Waghid, Prof YusefEducation Policy Studies
Wagner, Dr LeighFamily Medicine and Primary Care
Wahab, Ms SadiyahSchool of Accountancy
Wait, Dr JohnPsychology
Walker, Prof CherrylSociology and Social Anthropology
Walls, Prof RichardCivil Engineering
Walters, Prof PieterPhysics
Walters, Dr ElisabettaDesmond Tutu TB Centre
Walters, Mr AshleyVisual Arts
Walters, Dr HandriSociology and Social Anthropology
Walters, Mrs Jana
Walzl, Prof GerhardMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wamono-smallbone, Dr AyeChemical Pathology
Wang, Prof RongjieElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Wareham, Dr Christopher
Warnich, Prof Louisa
Warren, Prof RobinMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Warren, Prof BrianSurgery
Warren, Mr Joseph
Warwick, Prof JamesNuclear Medicine
Watermeyer, Dr Brian
Waters, Mr Danial
Watson, Prof BruceInformation Science
Weber, Dr ShantellePractical Theology and Missiology
Weber, Ms RuthSchool of Accountancy
Weich, Dr ElizabethPsychiatry
Weideman, Prof JacobApplied Mathematics
Weideman, Ms Rina-mari
Weigel, Prof HerbertPhysics
Weinand, Dr FredrickHealth Systems and Public Health
Welman, Dr KarenDivision Sport Science
Welman, Dr LesleyMilitary Geography
Welte, Prof AlexDSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis SACEMA
Wepener, Prof CasparusPractical Theology and Missiology
Wereszczynski, Dr AleksanderAncient Studies
Wesselo, Ms Jessica
Wessels, Prof CoenraadForest and Wood Science
Wessels, Dr AlbertusPrivate Law
Wessels, Dr LesleyMathematics
Wessels, Prof Dirk
Wesson, Prof NicoleneUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Weyl, Dr Olaf
White, Dr PeterPractical Theology and Missiology
Whitelaw, Prof AndrewMedical Microbiology
Wiegman, Ms NitaAnaesthesiology and Critical Care
Wiesener, Mrs MarykeSchool of Accountancy
Wiid, Prof IanMolecular Biology and Human Genetics
Wild, Prof MarcelMathematics
Wildschut, Dr LaurenCentre for Research on Evaluation Science and Technology
Wildschut, Ms GlendaNursing and Midwifery
Wilkinson, Dr EduanSchool for Data Science and Computational Thinking
Willemse, Miss LodeneCentre for Regional and Urban Innovation and Statistical Exploration
Williams, Ms LeonePhysiotherapy
Williams, Dr PaulFood Science
Williams, Mr Llewellyn
Williams, Dr SamanthaGeography and Environmental Studies
Williams, Mr ElvinOccupational Therapy
Williams, Ms Nokuzola
Williams-elegbe, Prof SopeMercantile Law
Windvogel, Dr ShantalMedical Physiology
Winkler-titus, Dr NatashaUniversity of Stellenbosch Business School (USB)
Wium, Prof JanCivil Engineering
Wlokas, Ms HolleSchool of Public Leadership
Wolfaardt, Prof GideonMicrobiology
Wolfswinkel, Mr David
Wolhuter, Dr RiaanElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Wooldridge, Mr Johnathan
Wossler, Prof TheresaBotany and Zoology
Wranz, Prof PeterAnatomical Pathology
Wust, Mr Marius
Wyngaardt, Prof ShaunPhysics