Stream 2: Social Innovation Houses (free standing houses)

In LLL stream 2 we believe in doing our best to create an environment that offers opportunities to our students to best prepare them for the world of work. As students that will soon be working in the global village and in the context of South Africa we need to become creative and innovative to contribute to the solutions, become job creators, offering sustainable solutions for the societal challenges we are facing. We need to understand how we use machines to the betterment of ourselves and others while keeping our environmental footprint small. With the knowledge to our disposal, we should be asking, what skills do we need, not only what knowledge we should seek. 

This stream of LLL will have a focus on equipping you with skills that we believe (founded on research) are needed or will soon be in high demand in the business world. This will involve coming together as a diverse house starting your own business that is sustainable (generates money) and aim to solve a societal problem - this will be your project. Please note that this stream will be particularly time consuming.

We seek to meet the followingoutcomes:

  • Teach you to make use of Design Thinking methodology - a relevant methodology that is human-centric and focus on solving problems with and for people.
  • Allocate a Design Thinking expert to each house to serve as guider in the process.
  • Set up a small business that starts generating an income.
  • Utilize the diversity of the space (race, religion etc.) and diversity in disciplines to help us and you understand something of the flourishing that can happen and the success that can be achieved. 
  • Build a portfolio of evidence within your field of study to support you in job applications.
  • Cover content focused on overcoming social divides
  • Build social capital and networks with LLL Alumni and business world (the past), with the University (the current) and a diverse number of peers (the future).


Your project focus will allow a theme to surface - there is thus no theme selection and students will be placed as diverse as possible with the possibility of a good story to come from it.

We will be partnering with a number of partners within the University and outside during the course of this year.


Practicalities for 2019 LLLrs

  • Any queries/concerns/complaints can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Houses are divided according to number of students in given streets. This group of houses form a lot. The lots are:
    • Victoria Street as part of VicMeyer Cluster
    • Joubert Street as part of Validus Cluster
    • Banghoek Street as part of Validus Cluster
    • Murray Street as part of Rubix Cluster
  • Your interns are Timothy Arendse for both Banghoek and Murray Street, Yamkela Tyapha for Joubert Street, Chuma Gqola for Victoria street.
  • Please contact your respective intern with queries or comments.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance personnel can be contacted directly (information as provided in initial communication).
  • Training (a decided date where all house members are present are to be communicated to the relevant intern):
    • Training will happen with individual houses
    • Guidelines for engagement and expectations will be communicated
    • Explanation of Co-curricular assessments
    • Introduction of Maintenance Personal responsible for the respective house
    • House values to be decided
    • Sharing of a meal
    • Expected attendees: House members, Intern, Centre for Student communities staff member, Tarina Nel, Maintenance Personal
    • Guidelines/ideas for projects
    • Expected duration: 4-6 hours
    • Any general queries can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this account is managed by our student assistant Liana Maheso for both Stream 1 and Stream 2. She will refer queries to relevant parties.

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