LLL Values

1. Embracing Diversity and Difference (Listen): The Listen, Live & Learn Initiative is committed to meaningfully embracing diversity and difference in all its forms.

1.1 Active listening is the core value of LLL, enabling us to embrace diversity in all its manifestations.
1.2 LLL values ideological pluralism and aims to create a safe space for all perspectives as well as develop a deeper understanding of the multiple identities, truths and realities.
1.3 LLL nurtures reasoned disagreement and principled dissent.
1.4 LLL encourages a non-conformist and fluid residential space, thereby allowing for multiple interpretations of what it means to Listen, Live & Learn
1.5 LLL supports a deep understanding of and commitment to the value of Ubuntu, going beyond tolerance to seeing our own existence as contingent upon that of different others.
1.6 LLL presents the opportunity for all LLLrs to truly understand the value of diversity and that in order to make a change in the spaces we navigate; there is the need for constructive dialogue and engagement.

2. Belonging in community (Live): Listen, Live & Learn is committed to fostering a place of belonging where students can express their identities authentically.

2.1 LLL aspires to be a living community whose residents feel a strong connection to one another and the community as a whole.
2.2 LLL values relationships as the foundation of a place of belonging. Relationships in LLL should be characterised by:

• Compassion: assumption of positive intent attuned to the perspective of the other individual(s) in question.
• Acceptance: embracing the unique identity of each LLLr
• Reconciliation: choosing to be in community even it requires forgiveness or compromise
• Nurture and Empathy: supporting and encouraging housemates
• Growth and Development: challenging one another to go into zones of discomfort and instability

2.3 LLL is committed to learning to understand and acknowledge the lived experiences of others in creating living spaces that are affirming, nurturing, accepting, empathetic and compassionate.

3. The pursuit of knowledge (Learn): Listen, Live & Learn aims to create a space where experiential learning and disciplinary knowledge are equally important.

3.1 LLL upholds co-curricular learning as a key component of a transformative education and aims to create an environment where this learning is valued and actively pursued
3.2 LLL values disciplinary diversity and encourages students to engage and collaborate with different disciplines through the theme and house project.

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