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I understand that I can only be in LLL if I am registered for full-time degree studies at Stellenbosch University, on Stellenbosch campus, for the academic year 2019.
Current LLL students:
I understand that if I am a current LLL student my placement in 2019 is fully dependant on me successfully completing all of the formal requirements of the 2019 LLL participation & assessment.
I understand that I have been accepted into the LLL initiative in good faith & I plan to be a full participant in my house. I take my commitment to this initiative seriously.  I understand & accept that my participation includes, but is not limited to, general household activities, weekly house dinners, ‘lounge conversations’ & house projects. 
I understand that I am required to attend the LLL training session on the day that will be communicated.  I also understand that failure to attend this event without what is deemed to be a satisfactory reason will have serious implications for my placement in LLL, including possible cancellation.  I also understand that when requested to RSVP to an LLL event, failure to do so (i.e. not confirming attendance/absence) or to abide by my RSVP will be noted & reflect in my overall assessment.
I accept & understand that reporting is not only essential for the overall tracking & assessment of the initiative but also my own personal development in this initiative.  As such, I undertake to ensure that I complete all required reports timeously.
I understand that it is essential for me to be aware of what is going on in the LLL initiative & to take responsibility for communicating the necessary information where my actions or decisions have an effect on others.
I understand that my participation, contribution, learning & conduct will be assessed during the year & that failure to perform satisfactorily will mean that I will not be eligible for consideration for subsequent placements in LLL, but I also understand that, regardless of my assessment I am not guaranteed any subsequent placements in LLL.  I understand that the final assessment of each year in LLL will result in me being seen as completing the year either satisfactorily or not.  Furthermore I understand that my assessment result will be made public in the formal record of participants in the LLL programme.
Safety & Security:
I understand that while safety & security is one of the primary concerns of the LLL leadership the primary responsibility for my personal safety & that of my belongings lies with me.  I will ensure that all reasonable personal precautions are taken by me, that I comply in full with all requests of the LLL leadership that relate to the safety & security of the houses & that I will notify them immediately by email of any concerns, risks & incidences.
I am aware of the fees for LLL for 2019 (estimates available at the Student Fees office) and have noted the difference between single & double room charges. I understand that cancellation of my place prior to the start of the 2019 academic year is subject to the same penalties as any other University accommodation. I also understand that I am liable for the full year’s fees if I decide to vacate for any reason during 2019 unless a replacement can be found who is deemed suitable by the LLL leadership.
Room allocations:
I am aware that it is for the 2019 house residents to decide, as a group, on the manner in which room allocations are done.  Given this, I understand that there is no guarantee on behalf of the LLL leadership that I will obtain the room that I prefer. I also understand that while single rooms are standard in LLL there may be exceptional situations or circumstances that necessitate double room allocations. 
I understand that I am subject to the rules for LLL houses & these rules are subordinate to the SU rules surrounding student conduct & discipline.
I understand that my placement in LLL is managed from the LLL coordinators office and thus any request to cancel or alter my placement at any stage during the year (including to other University accommodation) must be made via email to him/her only.  I also understand that my placement in LLL is part of the University accommodation system and thus acceptance of this placement cancels any other placements or applications for placement currently on the system. I undertake to inform the LLL coordinator as soon as I become aware of an inability to be in LLL in 2016, be it due to readmissions decision (requiring appeal), lack of acceptance to a postgraduate programme, etc.
I «Name» «Surname» («Usn»), have read and understood the contents of this document & hereby accept the offer of placement in the «ThemesTheme» LLL house for 2019, «House_Address».

Stellenbosch University

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