Endler Concert Series

Stellenbosch University boasts one of the finest Music Departments in South Africa. World-class facilities include the magnificent Endler Hall, specifically designed by acoustical engineers for live music performance.

Since its inception in 1905, the Konservatorium, as the department was then known, has hosted excellent Classical music performances on a regular basis. In more recent years, the Endler Concert Series has expanded to include a diversity of music genres including Jazz, Choral and Operatic music. Apart from the wealth of professional acts that appear on the Endler Hall stage, the concert series also gives exposure and opportunity to students from around the country, and in particular, from Stellenbosch University. These live music concerts serve to unite, uplift and inspire the communities they play to.

As part of an academic institution the primary goal of the Endler Concert Series is to provide a forum for the creative work of our own lecturers and students as well as to excellent artists from other parts of South Africa and from abroad. At the same time we see this as an important service to the broader community of Stellenbosch.

The Endler Concert Series aims to achieve this goal through:

1) The creation and branding of a unique CONCERT SERIES that employs a wide spectrum of musicians to serve a diverse audience whilst serving as a platform for the various academic programmes of the Stellenbosch University Department of Music.

2) The creation of OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS to perform in public as well as collaborating with their peers and professionals in their field.

3) Giving South African and International professional musicians a PLATFORM to perform thereby facilitating further educational collaboration with Stellenbosch University.

The Concert Series consists of between 40 to 50 concerts performed between February and November. It is divided up into several sub-categories.

Prestige Series: features a combination of South African artists who have achieved international acclaim, artists from abroad, or combinations of both in solo or chamber music concerts.

Choral Series: features various award-winning choirs associated with Stellenbosch University, namely the Stellenbosch University Choir; and Departmental choirs, namely, the SU Chamber Choir and Schola Cantorum.

Recital & Chamber Music Series: features a combination of South African artists and artists from abroad, or collaborations of both in various chamber music concerts.

Rising Stars: features young up and coming South African artists.

Jazz @ the Endler: features the Departmental jazz ensemble, otherwise known as the Stellenbosch University Jazz Band as well as smaller local ensembles.

Early Music Series: aims to become a hub for activities related to Early Music and historically informed performance practise (HIPP) in South Africa. Also presented are concerts of early indigenous music in collaboration with the academic division of Ethnomusicology.

Orchestral Series: features the Departmental symphony orchestra, known as the University of Stellenbosch Symphony Orchestra (USSO) and the other Departmental ensembles: Stellenbosch University Symphonic Wind and Brass Ensemble as well as the US Camerata. This series also hosts visiting orchestras from abroad.