This site was started in January 2006 to allow students from Stellenbosch University to access orthopaedic tutorials from one site. The web has made it possible to share this knowledge far beyond the confines of our campus. These pages should be of interest to nurses, physiotherapists, orthopaedic registrars and others.

Today the Web hosts a plethora of commercial orthopaedic sites offering the latest implants and devices. There are patient oriented sites, as well as journal driven scholarly venues. Our aim is to serve those who need basic orthopaedic instruction. Here we discuss subjects such as plaster casting, traction and other topics such as diagnosing and treating osteomyelitis - often neglected by sponsored sites. Besides pages and audio lectures, there are also case studies on bone tumours and other musculoskeletal diseases of interest to registrars and students.



Ian Robertson
Principal Specialist
Department Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Stellenbosch