Call for Registration: PANGeA - Ed

The PANGeA Training and Skills Development Programme (PANGeA – Ed) was launched in September 2016 in order to build human capital within African universities. The programme aims to develop research capacity through broad-based research and scholarship support on PANGeA campuses. Furthermore, through conscious efforts to develop structured opportunities for academic interaction of PANGeA staff in order to stimulate research collaboration and joint research projects amongst PANGeA partners.  
The PANGeA call for registration for the 2019 PANGeA – Ed Training and Skills Development Programme, is opening soon. Please note the following:
  1. Participants are required to register for the course in advance
  2. Registration is on a first-come-first serve basis
  3. Courses are limited to 20 participants per course to promote an interactive learning environment
  4. Participation is FREE for staff/faculty members and doctoral students within the arts, humanities and social sciences at the host institution
Please note applications which are incomplete or where documentation is missing will not be considered.

+27 21 808 2115  or  +27 21 808 4198



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