PANGeA – Ed: Training and Skills Development Programme

The PANGeA Training and Skills Development Programme (PANGeA – Ed) was launched in September 2016 in order to build human capital within African universities.

The programme aims to develop research capacity through broad-based research and scholarship support on PANGeA campuses. Furthermore, through conscious efforts to develop structured opportunities for academic interaction of PANGeA staff in order to stimulate research collaboration and joint research projects amongst PANGeA partners.

A selection of short courses are presented at the different partner campuses, based on the needs of the institution. The courses take place over three consecutive days by means of a training workshop facilitated by an expert in the field.

Presenter(s) for these courses are drawn primarily from the research expertise within the PANGeA network; however, local and/or international experts from outside the network may also be recruited for specific courses, where necessary.

Participants in these high quality short courses are drawn primarily from the staff/faculty members and doctoral students within the arts, humanities and social sciences at each host institution.

  • Social research and social epistemologies
  • Embarking on a research degree
  • Principles of research design
  • Guidelines for research proposals
  • Integrity and ethics in research
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Mixed methods research
  • Social surveys and sampling
  • Ethnographic research
  • (Critical) discourse analysis
  • Doctoral supervision
  • Scientific writing skills
  • Publication of peer-reviewed and accredited journal articles
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