Presenters: PANGeA - Ed

The PANGeA Training and Skills Development Programme (PANGeA – Ed) was launched in September 2016 in order to build human capital within African universities.

The programme aims to develop research capacity through broad-based research and scholarship support on PANGeA campuses. Furthermore, through conscious efforts to develop structured opportunities for academic interaction of PANGeA staff in order to stimulate research collaboration and joint research projects amongst PANGeA partners.

Presenters bio:

  • Mr Jan Vorster

    Mr Jan Vorster is the Chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology since 2011. He is also the convenor of Social Science Methods and specialises in Mixed Method Research. His ongoing interests as a senior lecturer within Sociology include social security, housing, farm workers, and research methodology. Mr Jan Vorster optained his Masters degree in Social Sciences from the University of the Free State, South Africa.

  • Dr Lauren Mongie

    Dr Lauren Mongie is a lecturer in the Department of General Linguistics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She specialises in Critical Discourse Analysis, with a specific focus on the role that language plays in the (re)construction and challenge of social attitudes.

  • Prof Leslie Swartz

    Prof Leslie Swartz is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology at Stellenbosch University. He trained as a clinical psychologist and has a particular interest in disability rights issues, especially in low-income contexts. He was founding editor-in-chief of the African Journal of Disability, is Associate Editor of Transcultural Psychiatry and International Journal of Disability, Development and Education and he has published widely on disability and mental health issues. He has presented a number of workshops on publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

  • Selene Delport

    Selene Delport is the Postgraduate Workshop Coordinator at the Writing Lab, one of the Language Centre’s units at Stellenbosch University. Selene tutored at various SU departments, including the English Literature Department, the Unit for Document Design and SciMathUS. She joined the Writing Lab team as a consultant in 2006. Since 2009, Selene has been presenting writing skills workshops for postgraduate students writing their theses and dissertations. She has also developed several other workshops for postgraduate students, including courses on plagiarism, research proposals and academic articles. Her research interests include African women’s writing and postgraduate students’ writing experiences.

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