Computer facilities

Several computer centres on campus provide computers with internet access which can be used by students. Access to the network is only available after registration and requires a username and password. While, once registered, you’ll have 24-hour access to the computer room, you are more than welcome to bring your own laptop which can also be registered by the University’s IT department. 

Your student card provides entry to the computer centres on campus. Connections for personal computers and laptops are available in most university residences. An application form (available on the website of the Information Technology department ) must be completed to apply to be connected. Students can register for the computer facilities at the respective computer rooms listed below. The registration fee is determined annually and is charged per semester.

This fee covers unlimited e-mail access, but an extra fee must be paid to gain access to external sites. Access to the Stellenbosch University homepage is free of charge. Please note that the computer laboratory you use, depends on the faculty you study in. If you will have computer access in your academic department you should rather not register in a computer laboratory since this will save costs.

Faculty Location
Arts and SocialSciences,

Arts Building
Third Floor

Admin A
Economic and Management
Accounting andStatistics
Engineering   FIRGA
Engineering Building