Postgraduate Diploma (Knowledge and Information Systems Management)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Knowledge and Information Systems Management (KISM) is the first year of the MPhil in Information and Knowledge Management (MIKM). The KISM component is organised as a part-time programme. The bulk of lecturing takes place in a face-to-face setting during intensive contact sessions.

The focus of the Stellenbosch MIKM as a whole is the management of organisations. However, organisations are primarily viewed through the lens of knowledge and information flows and the associated technologies that mediate such flows. This distinguishes the MIKM from other management programmes that view organisations through the lens of finance.

Unlike most other management programs, the MIKM is focused on understanding the dynamics of organisational knowledge. According to the view taken in the MIKM, knowledge is not merely one of the resources of an organisation, it is the basis for organisations' capability to use their resources productively and to navigate future changes successfully.