MA in Visual Arts (Art Education)


The Master's degree in Art Education is motivated by a need to harness the critical social power of art in an era of globalisation and social reparation, by engaging both potential and established art educators. The course is premised on the belief that the creative and critical practice of teaching and generating art is instrumental in the creation of an imaginative and socially conscious citizenry.


To create socially conscious graduates who would be able to practice as qualified art educators, and to further engage established educators in the transformative potential of art.

To promote a responsiveness to a South African and African context, both within academia and school curricula, and to develop partnerships between the University and its surrounding environment (schools and educational initiatives), both through the curriculum itself and the professionals qualified through the degree.

To develop and maintain a high research output in the fields of art and education, and within these fields lead research in social transformation, institutional accountability, collaborative knowledge production, aesthetics and popular culture, and encourage cross-disciplinary academic collaborations and a scholarship of engagement.

Entry requirements

A four-year BA degree in Visual Arts (Fine Art, any Design degree and Jewellery design) or the equivalent three-year degree and Honours degree in Visual Arts or, in exceptional cases, the Bachelor's degree in Primary Education with Art Education as a major or a three-year Bachelor's degree with Practical Art and Visual Studies as majors and a postgraduate Diploma in Education with Practical Art and Method of Teaching Art with a theory mark above 65%.

Two weeks contact times for full- and part-time students

  • Contact week 1 in January (during school holidays)
  • Contact week 2 in March/April (during school holidays)
  • Contact week 3 in June/July (during school holidays)
  • Assignments in first semester submitted through email

Information and application

The deadline for application for admission is 30 November for South African candidates and 31 August for international candidates.


Programme Coordinator: Prof Elmarie Costandius

Tel: +27 (0)21 808 3053