Telematic Programmes

Stellenbosch University has an education technology platform that is managed by the Division for Telematic Services (TS). This platform integrates satellite, cellphone, internet and video conference technology to create a modern and academically excellent virtual environment for postgraduate study. By making use of this platform, the virtual mobility of postgraduate students living far from campus is increased and the limits placed on advanced study by time and space are largely neutralised.

The combination of residential education and the sophisticated application of technology to offer programmes by mode of blended learning, makes it possible for students to enrol for certain postgraduate programmes without having to come to Stellenbosch for the full period of study. The University has 19 geographically distributed learning centres in South Africa and one in Namibia where students can attend lectures that are broadcast real time from Stellenbosch to the centres by means of satellite technology. See here for a list of these centres.

The technology platform that is used is fully interactive, which makes it possible for the students to communicate with lecturers during the sessions via the internet or cellphone technology. Students have access to a variety of academic support services via the postgraduate student portal. Nowadays most of the Library and Information Services' materials are made up of electronic books, electronic journals and articles in online databases, and is accessible from its website. To visit the websites of Telematic Services or the Library at Stellenbosch University, click on the links under "Important Links" below.

See under the faculties below for the fields of study offering programmes currently presented on the technology platform.

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On Telematic Services and the technology platform

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