TRU: Democracy Globally
WHO​ are we?


We are a group of scholars from countries scattered across several continents brought together by a shared interest in studying democracy around the globe.

OUR mis​​​sion


Monitorin​​g the democratic process and pointing out its shortcomings, which we see as our probably never-ending common task both as academics and citizens of this world.

TRU: Democracy​​ Globally


  • Combines a high level of variation across regions with methodical comparative country studies.
  • Explores the global and the particular.
  • Identifies culture-specific factors shaping the quality and performance of democracy.
  • Analyses the interactions between politics and the economy.
  • Compares the values of the elites and the citizens within and across states.
  • Studies historical patterns.
  • Integrates specialized knowledge and techniques derived from political science, sociology, economy, philosophy, theology and history.
  • Merges data-based analyses with theoretical insights.
  • Examines the formation of political culture.
TRU: Democra​​cy Globally


Is the proud successor of the Transformation Research Initiative (TRI) established in 2000 to examine five newly emerged democracies