The Faculty of Education aims, through its research, teaching and community services, to produce teachers and trainers who can meet the differentiated educational needs of the wider community. In this way, we make a crucial contribution towards developing the human potential in the Southern African community.

When we plan our programmes of study, South African educational priorities are our main concern. By designing our teacher training curricula to face up to the educational needs of our time, we make sure that teachers who qualify at our Faculty can start out on their teaching careers with confidence.

Our programmes of study offer resource-based learning. They offer varied modes of presentation (residential; Internet-based; interactive telematic broadcastings and phone-in sessions). And, spread as they are over the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, they offer lifelong learning opportunities.

   About our programmes

Our Faculty, it is true, runs only two undergraduate programmes - that for the BEd (Foundation Phase Education) and the BEd (Intermediate Phase Education). Your undergraduate studies at other faculties could, however, be a basis for postgraduate studies in Education. See Postgraduate Certificate of Education.

If you hold a recognised three-year education qualification, but do not meet the admission requirements for university programmes, or want to acquire further knowledge and skills in your subject field, you may still be able to register for an Advanced Diploma in Education (ADE). These programmes will provide you the opportunity to focus on Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy in the Intermediary, Senior or Further Education and Training (FET) Phases.

A four-year education qualification or other university degree followed by a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate gives you access to the postgraduate BEdHons programme. Here, you then have a choice of fields of study in Education. See our postgraduate programmes and certificates here.

   Language of instruction

The Faculty of Education follows a multilingual approach with English and Afrikaans as the main languages of instruction. IsiXhosa functions as a language of communication. Translation services are provided to ensure that students are given access to knowledge in the language of their choice.


See the relevant undergraduate programme for its selection guidelines.


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