Military Science

The Faculty of Military Science is based at Saldanha and offers certificate, bachelor's and postgraduate programmes for selected officers of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and other defence forces.

These study programmes are focused on national security and defence issues, and are designed to serve the specific interests of the SANDF. They are also designed to be as relevant as possible to the requirements of the officer in the SANDF, including dealing with aspects of diplomacy and development. Specialisation in any one of several disciplines, in keeping with students' preferences, is possible - but only within the boundaries of their specific Service's and/or Division's requirements. The minimum duration for the bachelor's programmes is three years.

The Faculty has now added a PhD programme to its academic offering. The PhD and Master's degree in Military Science are offered to both SANDF and non-SANDF employees in the private sector.

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The Dean, Saldanha

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