Stellenbosch University hosts the NRF-South African Research Chair in Science Communication (SciCom), serving as a hub of research and postgraduate training in the field. Through an interdisciplinary lens, the Chair’s focuses on issue-driven and action research to explore the agenda of science communication for social justice. This enables theoretical and empirical insights into the complex ways in which communication research and practice can positively connect science and society.

The Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) at Stellenbosch University has held the Chair since 2015. CREST offers postgraduate qualifications where prospective students can undertake an MPhil and or a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies or Monitoring and Evaluation Studies, specialising in science and public engagements.

SciCom’s research agenda is structured around four research areas:

  1. Climate and the Environment which explores climate change research and activism,
  2. Health and Happiness exploring health, science, and human wellbeing.
  3. Inequality and Equity which looks at science communication advocating for equality and justice.
  4. Best Practice which uses tools in promoting science communication research and practice.

The Chair has been held by Professor Mehita Iqani since 2022. For more information about the Chair’s work, visit the Chair’s website at