Humusha: ART + SCIENCE

Humusha is the isiZulu word for “translation” or “interpretation”.

To translate or interpret means to create opportunities for understanding and ideas to move between spoken and written languages and their associated cultures. Here we borrow this notion to indicate the important of forging possibilities of movement between modes of knowledge: art and science.

Humusha is a collaboration between VANSA (the Visual Arts Network of South Africa) and the South African Research Chair in Science Communication. Together, we are working to produce a platform where applied artists and scientific researchers can find one another and work together. Visual communication is a key conduit that can bring together not only artists and scientists, but also scientific research with its publics.

Humusha will allow for scientists to find applied artists to work with to help them communicate their research findings to the broader public, as well as to niche audiences.

Humusha will serve as a portfolio platform for working artists available to be commissioned to creative visual material to serve scientific research projects.

Beyond these specific needs, Humusha aims to serve as a space for forging interdisciplinary relations and new ways of working together, for scientists and artists.

Call for Creatives

We invite creatives interested in being commissioned by scientists and scientific researchers, to submit their portfolios for consideration. A limited number of portfolios will be featured on the Humusha.Africa platform. A review committee consisting of members from the Research Chair in Science Communication and VANSA will assess each submission and select the portfolios that will be featured.  By submitting a portfolio, creatives acknowledge and accept that:

    • They will submit a portfolio as per the requirements and accept the terms and conditions of Humusha.Africa,
    • Applications close on 7 October 2022. No late applications will be considered,
    • Portfolios should not comprise plagiarised work. If it is discovered that the portfolio contains plagiarised work, the Organisers have the right to disqualify the application in question,
    • The Organisers do not own the copyright of submitted portfolios. Applicants must have the necessary copyright clearances before submitting a portfolio,
    • There is no financial or in-kind remuneration for submitting a portfolio for consideration,
    • All portfolios will be reviewed by the Organisers and their decision on who to feature on the platform is final,
    • In the case that a creative is not successful for this selection round, they will be allowed to resubmit in another selection round. 

Humusha applications can be made here: Humusha.Africa.

Any queries about Humusha can be directed to