Mehita Iqani

Professor Mehita Iqani was appointed to the South African Research Chair in Science Communication at Stellenbosch University from January 2022. Prior to this she was Professor in Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she taught, researched and collaborated for almost eleven years. She is the author and editor of several books on media, consumer culture, luxury, waste, and the global south.
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Fumani Mabogoane

Fumani Mabogoane is the Communications Officer at SciCom. His research interests are in popular music and music technology, media industries and queer studies. He is passionate about the interdisciplinary links between the arts, business, social justice, and STEM orientated fields in providing holistic solutions to addressing challenges facing South Africa.

Jessica Webster

Dr Jessica Webster is a postdoctoral fellow. She is a critical writer and communications strategist with social and environmental NGO, Water for the Future. Her interest explores equity and agency in the face of climate change, informing her contribution to local decolonization of the physical and symbolic landscape and the coming global class revolution. 

Meghan Judge

Dr Meghan Judge is a postdoctoral fellow. She is a critical writer, artist and oceanic scholar. Her research explores the understanding of human-ocean relations through elemental media and weathering activities, while developing a creative praxis for inquiry, especially trans disciplinary understandings of local anthropocenes via the effects that multiplicity has. 

Job Mwaura

Dr Job Mwaura is a research fellow. He researches and publishes on digital media in Africa, media and politics, and African studies. He has recently hosted the Publishing Africa Podcast Series, a podcast that focused on the politics of scholarly publishing in Africa. 

Nosipho Mngomezulu

Dr Nosipho Mngomezulu is a research fellow. Her research explores how young people imagine the postcolonial nation, intimacy and categorical identification as it pertains to racialisation and anticolonial pedagogies. She co-founded a podcast network, Off The Record, a network of independently produced and published South African podcasts and co-hosts The Academic Citizen with Professor Iqani. 

Pontsho Pilane

Pontsho Pilane is a PhD fellow. She is an award-winning writer, editor and media trainer turned communications professional. Her PhD is focused on exploring anti-obesity messaging and popular culture representations of fatness and its impacts on larger-bodied women, particularly Black women.  

Taryn Mackay

Taryn Mackay is a PhD fellow.  She is the producer of The Academic Citizen, an independent podcast series that explores a diversity of topics and opinions relating to higher education. Mackay’s research is focused on motherhood as a technology of practice that can provide pathways to deeply relational thinking as practiced by Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). 

Marina Joubert

Dr Marina Joubert is a Senior Research and Lecturer in science communication. After working as a science communication manager and consultant for two decades, she joined Stellenbosch University in 2015. In addition to coordinating and presenting an online science communication course with a focus on Africa, she teaches science communication within an MPhil programme on science and technology studies. In 2017, she completed her PhD, focused on the communication behaviour of publicly visible scientists in South Africa.
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Bankole Falade

Dr Bankole Falade is a social psychologist with teaching and research interests in Science and Health Communication and Research Methods for the Social Sciences. Specifically, understanding how communication is mediated by psychological, social, cultural, religious, economic and global factors using the mixed methods approach.
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Corlia Meyer

Dr Corlia Meyer is a postdoctoral fellow. Her main research interests are environmental communication and public perception studies, focusing on the South African public.
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Francois van Schalkwyk

Dr Francois van Schalkwyk is a postdoctoral fellow. His main areas of interest include higher education studies, critical data studies and science communication.
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