Project time line: 2015 – 2017

The goal of this research project (2015-2017) was the development and application of key performance indicators at the ‘meso’ level of universities and the ‘micro’ level of individual researchers. This work is informed by theoretical and conceptual models of relationships between scientific research, science-based technology, and the role of research universities in (national) innovation systems.

Our quantitative empirical data were derived from the bibliometric information sources such as research publications co-authored by researchers in universities and industry; patents; patent citations to research publications; titles and abstracts of research publications; and funding-grant acknowledgements.

The multi-source, multi-metric performance profiles of individual South African universities, and selected researchers at some of those universities, revealed general features of their industrial orientation and research commercialisation, which are seen as indicative of their innovation potential and possible economic impacts.

Research output

Tijssen, R.J.W., Yegros-Yegros, A. & Winnink, J.J. 2016. University–industry R&D linkage metrics: validity and applicability in world university rankings. Scientometrics. 109(2):677–696.

Research team