This research line includes more traditional bibliometric studies of scientific knowledge production including studies of modes of knowledge production, research collaboration and research productivity. A related, and equally traditional, focus is on studies of scientific fields and disciplines. The third major focus is on the nature and changes in scientific communication, viz. scholarly publishing.  This focus would include projects on recent developments in the scholarly publishing system; the advent and impact of Open Access, the rise of big commercial publishing houses and changes in the nature of scholarly journals and editorial practices as well as the growth in questionable publication practices.

These focus areas are grouped under the following headings:

  • Bibliometric studies of knowledge production (including research output, collaboration and productivity studies) (KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION)
  • Sociological studies of science: the nature of scientific disciplines, interdisciplinarity, authorship practices and the role of incentives in knowledge production (FIELD STUDIES)
  • Ongoing analysis and assessment of the scholarly publishing system (PUBLISHING)