Project time line: 2017 – 2019

This project is geared towards developing specific bibliometric tools that can be used to identify research teams in Africa that are actively collaborating across the continent. It opens new possibilities for the systematic study of how research teams are formed and configured in this part of the world. This will provide novel understandings of how researchers collaborate and provide input into future research policies designed to improve and optimise research collaboration between and with African scholars.

The results of this project are critical for understanding how African scholars collaborate and organise in research teams; provide unique information on their main characteristics and factors (e.g. countries of origin, institutions, mobility, productivity, gender, age, etc.); and allow the development of research policies targeted at the improvement and optimisation of the configuration of these research teams in the continent.

An important first outcome of the project has been the development of a global bibliometric methodology to depict mobility trends worldwide. Such development opens the unique possibility of characterising how mobile researchers impact in the composition of teams in the continent. Simultaneously, the global network of collaboration of South African researchers is being depicted allowing the study of research teams as configurated by collaboration linkages.

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