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Welcome Firstyears
2018 is upon us, and so also a new generation of Simonsbergers.
Vensters 2018
Simonsbergers, we hope you're getting ready for another amazing Jool!

Latest News

First Years

General information for incoming firstyears

Chief Elliot Molefe

Adorning the back wall of Simonsberg's Eetsaal is a photo of Elliot Molefe, a man who worked as a steward in Simonsberg and served in the ki

Robert R Kennedy

The story of Simonsberg cannot be told without mentioning Robert F Kennedy and his indelible legacy. His visit to the Withuis on 7 June 1966


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The Leadership of Simonsberg consists of the Residence Head, a House Committee (14 Members), the mentors (17 members), the Senaat (8 members) and a variety of other committees consisting of residents of all year groups.

The House Committee (HK) is elected once a year (Sept) and serves a term of one year. Every HK member has a number of portfolios with the overarching aim of providing platforms for all residents to excel.

House Committee




Simonsberg takes part in various community interaction programs, of which the outreach to the underpriviliged [Name] Primary school is one of the largest. Simonsberg is also in the process of starting the Simon-for-Simon fund, which aims to make life a little easier for residents struggling financial conditions through voluntary donations of current and old Simonsbergers.


Probably what most Simonsbergers will tell you when you ask them what makes Simonsberg the best. The word "Gees" has been adopted by all languages spoken in Simonsberg, and stands as foundation to why we aim to do anything in life: Not for success, not for money, not for popularity, but for GEES.