Community Interaction


The SLSJ Community Service branch has been quite active over the past semester. The year was initiated by the Safety and Security workshop which sought to educate first years and their rights regarding protest action, lawful arrest and search and seizure. SAPS and Campus Security were of much assistance for the workshop as they also gave tips with regards to security on campus.

SLSJ also saw itself engaging in a more youth orientated project in the form of the “Love Yourself, Love Others” project. This was mainly directed to toddlers pre-teenagers who have been domestically abused. The project aimed to facilitate their introspection and growth with regards to the right to human dignity as a practical and necessary value in society.

The second semester shall bring with it further projects orientated around the values of the Constitution and social justice. We look forward to doing more in empowering our communities and everyday South Africans.



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2016 Throw Back…

SLSJ Edu-Clinic
Semester 1 project

Kayamandi Youth Outreach: 1st Victim Empowerment Programme

On Friday the 8th of April, the community outreach committee had their first session at the Youth outreach center. Members and volunteers went for the first victim empowerment program for 2016.

The program is a workshop for children ranging from 7-13, the purpose is to educate them about victim empowerment and the law. The Youth center takes in children that are at risk in the community and provides them with the care the care they need, but it is not a foster home.

The programme is designed to help by sourcing donations and by giving information sessions providing them with alternate spaces to get assistance.

Often there is a misconception that violence is just physical, it is vital to make them aware that In certain instances of verbal and emotional situations they are being abused. And also provide practical examples of what they can do to help themselves, and if they cannot do so, who they can go to.

Content for the workshops that will be covered in the 4 weeks is as follows:

i. Introduction to victim empowerment. What is a victim?
ii. Why are rights important? What are your rights?
iii. How can you exercise your rights? Examples.
iv. What can you do? What will happen?

The aims of the whole workshop are:
1. To help the children protect themselves.
2. To give them the ability to identify when something is wrong.
3. To help them exercise rights awarded to them and what those rights are.
4. To teach them how to exercise their rights and the where, when and how’s.
5. To inform them on all procedures available and to teach them not to fear the system by making it as easy to understand as possible.
6. To teach them how to be mini lawyers.
7. To encourage them to be kinder to one another and others.
8. To encourage them to understand each other and hopefully educate others.

The next session is Friday, 15th April.