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SLSJ OPENING FUNCTION 2017: “The Conflicts of our Constitution”

On 27 February 2017, SLSJ Maties held an engrossing panel discussion on Constitutionality and the arising conflicts that challenge our Constitution in today’s South Africa. Following the last two years of student protest adding the voice of the youth to the state of the nation, we thought it best to tackle head-on the tensions of our Constitution in theory and in practice.

The evening provided a platform for everyone to share their opinions, raise their arguments and defend them where possible. One would almost think we were #BuildingSACommunities ūüôā #SLSJWinning #SAWinning #HotDebate #Constitutionalism #Democracy #YouthVoice

Our panel comprised the brilliant minds of JD Blanckenberg,Khadija Bawa, Dr S van der Berg and Dr G Ricks.

Opening Function Views. IT. WAS. LIT!
And so it began… a meeting of great minds…a¬†battle of titans… and a¬†story of us.
Taking a look forward… into the future of South Africa’s thought leaders and champions for the realization of our constitutional democracy.
Students listening attentively to the arguments of a student from the open floor.
Comments from the open floor
The evolution of how spice was added: who said what? #Engage #Debate
Senamile steals a smile at the camera… the event is ever so swell #Relief #Pride #SLSJWinning #StudentsWinning #SocialJusticeWinning #BuildingSACommunities
Always time for selfies between breaks...
Always time for selfies between breaks… #StudentThings
BEC taking a bow...
BEC taking a bow…
BEC excited for the future of SLSJ Maties after colossal success of Opening Function
BEC excited for the future of SLSJ Maties after colossal success of 2017 Opening Function.
































































































































































SLSJ Maties in collaboration with the Juridical Society (JV) of Stellenbosch University hosted Dr. Baz Dreisinger on February 13, 2017.

Dr. Dreisinger who is the Founder of the Prison-to-College Pipeline initiative discussed her new book, “Incarceration Nations” and facilitated conversations around various subject matters including that of:

  • South Africa‚Äôs incarceration system in a global context.
  • The Prison-to-College Pipeline initiative and the possibilities of its replication here in SA.
  • ¬†And the future of access to education.

Dr. Baz spent time contrasting the different systems around the world and engaged the audience in a passionate discussion about our very own SA system, how it has affected our society, the ripples and effects of our society with regards to incarceration and facilitated a frank discussion about the workings of community, the law and its  enforcers.

Dr.Baz was joined by guests from Pollsmoor prison who opened the crowded up to the realities of our system and effect of our incarceration system on everyday people and their families.

The event was an overall a fundamental contribution towards considerations of social impact and awareness and we hope to explore those waters further in the near future.

The event was open to all students across campus and it was not limited to law students or members of SLSJ only.


Dr Baz Dreisinger presenting the research and results on which her book, Incarceration Nations, is based.
Hope Prison Ministries’ Jenny Clayton engaging with students, capturing their full attention
Students listening and taking notes from our guests, Dr. Dreisinger and Hope Prison Ministries
Dr. Baz Dreisinger cracking a joke with the SLSJ BEC… See how camera-ready two of the members are….


Dr Dreisinger and BEC all smiles after a successful evening of engaging and robust dialogue.
Students with Dr. Baz Dreisinger and Reverend Jonathan Clayton and Jenny Clayton of Hope Prison Ministries.







opening function



2016 BEC



The week has been long for many who dedicated their time, energy and resources in the fight against the 11,5 fee increase. In the past week student experienced management not taking them seriously and all ill-treatment and physical abuse by the South African police service. Understanding that the society stands for the law as well as social justice the actions of the students may have been illegal and legal action should have taken its due course. However, the handling of students and exertion of violence on unarmed students who had surrendered themselves is unacceptable. There was an interdict against certain students which has now been removed as management stated because of the fairly peaceful manner in which the students had conducted their protest.
We commend the management, student, members of public, political figures and any persons who involved themselves in the process that today brought about positive results. Supplies also for students who had gone days occupying what they have now called the Lillian Ngoyi House, were provided by many.
Stellenbosch had been commended on their upholdment of a peaceful protest where no violence of any kind was condoned. We also understand the frustrations of the students who experienced inconvenience and also were prevented from going about their exam preparation. We hope the university will now proceed to take active steps to rectify this and ensure everyone has a fair chance to thrive academically.


0% fee increase for 2016 and hope for free tertiary education in our lifetime.

Thank you






SLSJ together with the Frederik van Zyl Slabbery institute (FVZS) organized a soapbox event to increase awareness and the UAC march on the 30 September.





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