Dr Handri Walters

Lecturer in Social Anthropology
E-mail: handri@sun.ac.za


PhD, University of Stellenbosch

Ongoing Interests: Racial Categorisation, Racial Science, Specters of Race, Material culture, Historicised Anthropology

Recent Publications:

  • Walters, H. and van der Waal, C.S. (forthcoming) Creating the Coloured Other in South Africa in light of the “Jewish Question” in Germany. Religion and Theology 27(3-4).
  • Walters, H. 2020. Re-interrogating Race in Scientific Research: A View from the History of Physical Anthropology. In J. Jansen and C. Walters (eds.) Faultlines: A Primer on Race, Science and Society. Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.
  • Walters, H. 2019. Racial Classification and the Spectre that Haunts. In Maré, G. (ed.) Race in Educational Contexts. Stellenbosch: Sun Press.
  • Walters, H. and Du Plessis, M. 2014. Pentecostalism in the Dwars River Valley: Challenging the Mission Legacy. In C.S. (Kees) Van der Waal (ed.) Winelands, Wealth and Work: Transformations in the Dwars River Valley, Stellenbosch. Pietermaritzburg: UKZN Press.
  • Walters, H. 2012. The Burden of Responsibility and the Breakdown of Traditional Paternalism in the Western Cape. Anthropology Southern Africa 35(3&4):91-99. Peer-Reviewed Articles