Sociology & Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University

Postgraduate studies in Sociology or Social Anthropology at Stellenbosch strives to create a community of scholars who are critical, enthusiastic and supportive of each other. Students experience their studies as demanding, but enjoyable. Our students have a reputation for imaginative and creative research in a range of fields, with our graduates successful in the academic and non-academic world.

Department bursaries

BA Honours in Sociology or Social Anthropology
6 SP Cilliers bursaries of R60000 each

Masters in Public Sociology and Anthropology (MAPSA, Coursework and Research)
4 Indexing Transformation Scholarships of R140000 each, spread over 15 months

University bursaries

BA Honours in Sociology and Social Anthropology
Postgraduate Scholarship Programme R60000 each, Merit

Masters in Sociology or Social Anthropology (Full Research Thesis)
Postgraduate Scholarship  Programme, R110000-RR21000, spread over 24 months

PhD Sociology or Social Anthropology
Postgraduate Scholarship Programme, R390000, spread over 36 months

Bursary application procedure

Closing date for University Postgraduate Scholarship is 31 October 2021

Closing date for Department Scholarships is 30 November 2021

For further information on departmental bursaries: please contact Genay Dhelminie at

CLICK HERE for for further information on Postgraduate Scholarship Programme, including details on how to apply.