Prof Lindy Heinecken

Chair and Professor in Sociology

Tel: +27 21 808 2095


PhD, Kings College, University of London

Ongoing Interests: Lindy Heinecken lectures in industrial and political sociology. Her research is within the field of armed forces and society, with a specific interest in civil-military relations, defence transformation, gender integration in the military and peacekeeping.

Selected Publications:

  • HEINECKEN, L. South Africa’s post-apartheid Military: Lost in transition and transformation. Juta/UCT Press,2019, Springer International, 2020
  • HEINECKEN L. 2019. Three waves of gender integration: The causes, consequences and implications for the South African armed forces, in Robert Egnell and Mayesha Alam (eds), Women and gender perspectives in the military. Georgetown University Press. 207-221.
  • HEINECKEN, L. and WILEN, N. 2019. No Place Like Home? Postdeployment Reintegration Challenges Facing South African Peacekeepers,Armed Forces and Society, Published online December, p1-20.
  • HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Managing Diversity: From Exclusion to Inclusion and Valuing Difference. In: Nuciari M (ed.) Handbook of the Sociology of the Military, Springer International Publishing, United States, United Nations, 327-340.
  • ALCHIN A, GOUWS A and HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Making a difference in peacekeeping operations: Voices of South African women peacekeepers. African Security Review, 27 (10), 1-19. Available:
  • WILEN N and HEINECKEN LPT. 2018. Regendering the South African army: Inclusion, reversal and displacement. Gender, Work and Organisation, 25 (6), 670-686.HEINECKEN LPT. 2017. Transitions and Transformation in Gender Relations in the South African Military: From Support in Warfare to Valued Peacekeepers. In: Woodward R, Duncanson C (eds.) The Palgrave International Handbook of Gender and the Military, Springer Nature, London, United Kingdom, 355-368.
  • WILEN N and HEINECKEN LPT. 2017. Peacekeeping deployment abroad and the self-perceptions of the effect on career advancement, status and reintegration. International peacekeeping, 24(2), 236-253. Available:


South Africa's Post-Apartheid Military

Lost in Transition and Transformation